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How much do you know about the WarLight/Warzone Strategic 1v1 Ladder?

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Year this ladder was created.
The update that was dedicated to this.
To the nearest whole 100, this number of people have ever player this ladder.
Name somebody famous, within the community, who has been placed place#1.
Template it uses.
Fog level used.
Correct or incorrect, is multi-attack used?
True or false, is attack by percentage used?
Right or wrong, is transfer-only used?
Yes or no, attack-only used.
Move order used.
When surrenders happen.
Game peace used.
Does a 1 v 1 ladder game start automatically or manually?
Map / board used.
Is automatic or manual distribution used?
Is it a custom scenario or normal distribution?
This is the distribution used.
This is the territory limit.
Player controled territories have this much armies.
Number of wastelands.
Size of wastlands, in armies.
Base income a player has.
This is the luck modifier value.
Which rounding mode is used, streight round or weighed random?
Offensive kill rate used.
Deffensive kill rate used.
Are any bonuses overided? (Choose from 'none' and 'all'.)
Number of cards used
A card used.
A card used.
A card used.
A card used.
Number of cards you can hold at a time, without playing any.
Number of pieces of cards you recive per turn.

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