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DescriptionActress, Movie
A vile racist who disaproves with her blind daughter's relationship with a black man.
A meddling old woman who believes her trouble-making granddaughter's claims of her teachers' lesbianism.
A teenager who forms a friendship with the deaf-mute man who boards with her family.
A woman who has a hard time finding a governess for her difficult granddaughter.
A recently separated woman who becomes close to a young man with an unnatural attachment to his mother.
An older African-American woman who deals with her son's engagement to a privileged white woman.
The eccentric mother of a young girl who dreams of Hollywood stardom.
A deaf, dumb, and blind girl who reluctantly learns to communicate from a determined teacher.
A conservative woman who finds herself participating in a wife-swapping scenario.
A servant who gives birth to a child out of wedlock, gives him up, and meets him as a promiscuous young man later.
An island queen who deals with the Calvisint missionaries who come to her country.
The mother of a reserved spinster whose daughter has a relationship with an edgy doctor.
An elderly woman who ensnares a young neighbor into giving birth to the son of the devil.
A young girl who observes her kind father represent a black man wrongfully accused of rape.
An eccentric widow who befriends a social-climbing woman in the early 1920s.
A prostitute who is determined to disgrace her former lover, a charismatic revivalist preacher.
The supporting wife of the strong-willed chancellor of England whose family loses their fortune when her husband defies the king.
The leader of a group of German nuns who enlists a young man to build them a chapel.
A platinum blonde with delusions of grandeur who participates in a grueling dance marathon.
The mother of a famous prisoner whose son becomes an authority of avian life while incarcerated.
The reverend mother at an abbey who encourages a young nun to climb every mountain.
The strong-willed mother of a less-than-beautiful vaudeville star.
An Italian noblewoman who introduces a recently widowed woman to a handsome young man.
A young woman who has a relationship with the young man who had an affair with her mother.
A daffy aristocrat who is a passenger on eventful delayed flight.
DescriptionActress, Movie
The young wife of a Moorish general who becomes a victim of unfounded jealousy.
The lonely mother of a free-wheeling newlywed who befriends her daughter's eccentric neighbor.
A promiscuous young woman who gets involved with a free-living youngster in 1700s England.
A middle-aged woman who has casual sex with a naive cowboy and refuses to pay him.
A conniving politician's wife who involves her son in a brainwashing plot to take over the government.
A French widow who forms a relationship with an enthusiastic bauxite miner.
A religious teacher who tries to encourage her shy colleague to join her church.
The housekeeper of a reclusive aging Southern belle who clashes with her cousin.
A barmaid who gets involved with a verbose sheepherder in rugged Australia.
A middle-aged woman who begins a relationship with a young man from Detroit when her husband leaves her for a younger woman.
The wife of a scheming soldier who attends to her husband's boss's young wife.
A married woman who gets impregnated by her husband's friend, and then goes through a harrowing abortion.
An emotionally broken Jewish woman who testifies against Nazi judges following World War II.
A ditzy young woman who has an affair with an unmarried older dentist.
A secretary who steals from her boss, checks into a motel, and takes a shower.
A protective mother who laments her son's growing up as he searches for his first sexual encounter.
The aunt of a proper young girl who disaproves of her niece's relationship with a foundling.
A shy, overweight young girl who falls victim to her scheming peers on Fire Island.
A naive young professor's wife who endures a psychologically torturing night at her husband's colleague's house.
The shy daughter of an unemployed man who prepares for her first school dance.
The mother of an arrogant speech expert who befriends his strong-willed student.
A young girl from a Southern town whose father, a powerful politician, blocks her relationship with an old flame
A meek woman who gets involved with the bank robbing team lead by her brother-in-law.
A feisty Puerto Rican girl who helps along her friend's relationship with a white boy.
The leader of a group of religious women taking a Mexican tour, being guided by a disgraced former minister.

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