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DescriptionActress, Movie
A woman discovered living in the wilderness who speaks her own intricate language.
A crass working class woman who finds out the child she put up for adoption decades earlier is a black woman.
A French plantation owner in southeast Asia who witnesses the growing Vietnamese nationalist movement.
A drug-addicted wife of a Las Vegas gambling magnate who has an affair with her husband's mobster friend.
A middle class English woman who marries a widower after she unexpectedly inherits from the widower's first wife.
A woman who tries to improve her relationship with her estranged daughter when she is diagnosed with cancer.
A soap opera actress who returns to her childhood home after she's paralyzed in an accident.
A lawyer trying to protect a young boy from being forced to testify in a high-profile trial.
A street-wise prostitute who poses as a society woman with a wealthy businessman.
A real estate agent who disapproves of her husband's new free-wheeling lifestyle and has an affair with her successful rival.
A housewife who goes on a road trip with her friend, and then becomes a fugitive when her friend kills a man who attempts to rape her.
The mute wife of an Australian who has an affair with another man in order to win back her beloved musical instrument.
An English noblewoman who has an affair with one of her country's most famous writers as she illegally stars in one of his most famous plays.
A New York socialite who, along with her husband, falls victim to a con artist claiming to be Sidney Poitier's son.
A housewife who has an affair with a scenic photographer while her family is away.
A cello virtuoso who has an affair with her sister's husband and is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
A level-headed Englishwoman who falls in love as her romantic sister has a failed relationship with a young handsome man.
A lonely, deranged woman who saves her favorite author from a car crash, but then sadistically keeps him as a prisoner.
The strong-willed second (of four) daughters of a New England family during the Civil War who wants to become a famous writer.
A former actress whose contractor husband has an affair with a frustrated housewife.
A depressed woman who inspires inner city students through her role as violin teacher.
A 1940s singer who becomes famous for entertaining troops throughout the decades.
A servant who shakes of the life of an overly proper butler in the home of a British Nazi sympathizer.
A British woman who persuades her beloved to marry a sickly American in order to inherit her fortune.
A mother who will stop at nothing to find a cure for her young son's rare disease.
DescriptionActress, Movie
An elderly Brazilian woman who accompanies a young boy in his quest to find his father.
The wife of a paralyzed man who is taken aback when he asks her to have sex with other men.
A feisty American poet who falls in love with the subdued British author of a classic series of children's literature.
A jaded prostitute who falls in love with an alcoholic writer in Sin City.
A transgender teen who poses as a boy and deals with the outrage of an intolerant community.
A Dallas housewife who befriends an African-American girl and her father on a bus trip to President Kennedy's funeral.
A leukemia patient who must turn to her estranged sister and mental patient nephew for a bone marrow transplant.
A rookie FBI agent who seeks the advice of a brilliant incarcerated cannibal in catching a brutal serial killer.
The Virgin Queen of England who must endure relentless religious opposition to her taking of the throne.
The somewhat unstable wife of an English poet who wrote of wastelands and cats.
A single mother and waitress who forms an unlikely relationship with a misanthropic customer.
A free-spirited military wife who shakes up life on the stuffy base to which her husband is transferred.
A con artist who is determined to undermine her son's relationship with a younger con artist.
A free-spirited single mother who is constantly moving her pre-teen daughter to different locations.
A singer who is severely abused by her husband and partner, then leaves him and becomes an even bigger star.
The Queen of England who raises many eyebrows with her relationship with a servant after her longtime husband dies.
A woman with a history of being sexually abused who moves in with a Georgia family during the Great Depression.
A married Englishwoman who has an affair with a Hungarian during World War I.
An unhappy wife who rekindles a relationship with a novelist she had previously romanced during World War II.
A recovering drug addict who tries to re-establish her acting career as she deals with her overbearing mother, a former musical theatre star.
A pregnant Minnesota police officer investigating a series of grisly murders.
A single waitress who runs off with her housewife friend, and kills an attempted rapist.
A proper Kansas City housewife who tries to keep her family together as her children rebel against her husband's conservative values.
A wealthy young woman who leaves her snobbish fiance and has an affair with a poor young man on a famous doomed ocean liner.
A kind nun who befriends a murderer sitting on death row.

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