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DescriptionActress, Movie
The mother superior of a convent who must deal with a psychiatrist when a simple-minded nun gives birth to and murders a baby.
The sole survivor of an attack by an extra-terrestrial on a spaceship who helps a group of marines on the extra-terrestrials' home planet.
A New Jersey casino employee who teams with an elderly wise guy when her estranged husband is killed over drug money.
A determined secretary who poses as her ruthless boss when the boss suffers a skiing injury.
A poor cabaret singer who poses as a male female impersonator to achieve success in Paris.
A socialite who becomes a feminist and radical through her relationships with a Communist journalist and a famous playwright.
A decadent French noblewoman who makes a cruel bet with a nobleman over the virginity of a beautiful younger woman.
A Czech actress struggling to find work in New York City.
A suburban wife and mother who has a cold relationship with her younger son after the older dies in a boating accident.
A nuclear plant worker who is exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation, and then attempts to investigate wrongdoing in the plant.
A lawyer who defends her father, a Hungarian immigrant, against charges of being a Nazi war criminal.
A factory worker who forms a relationship with a Naval recruit with a troubled background.
A Southern woman who reunites with her two sisters after she shoots her abusive husband.
A deranged woman who terrorizes the married man she with whom had a one night stand and his family.
A strong-willed widow who runs a farm with the help of a blind man and a black man, despite the objections of some in her community.
A bored Liverpool housewife who finds romance and adventure on a vacation to Greece.
A Danish writer who runs a farm, has an unhappy marriage, and has an affair with an Englishman on the dark continent.
An English housewife who takes private literature lessons from an alcoholic professor.
A Holocaust survivor living in the United States who is haunted by a horrifying decision she had to make.
A somewhat promiscuous youth who is gang-raped in a bar, and later sues the onlookers who cheered on her attack.
A woman struggling to keep her farm in business among the economic situations of the 1980s.
An alcoholic vagrant who has a volatile relationship with a man who had accidentally killed his child years earlier.
A Massachusetts feminist who clashes with her conservative cousin over the loyalty of a young woman.
An alcoholic actress who wakes up next to a dead man with no memory of the night before.
A successful Hollywood actress who suffers from extreme mental illness.
DescriptionActress, Movie
An Australian woman who is accused of murder when her baby is stolen away by a dingo.
An accountant who reluctantly has an affair with the brother of her older fiance.
A wildly successful country singer who tragically died in a plane crash.
A girl who marries very young, and later becomes one of the most successful country singers in the country with the help of her husband.
A housewife who must protect her family in the aftermath of a nuclear attack on the United States.
An elderly Jewish woman who forms an unlikely friendship with her African-American chauffeur over many years.
A young woman who experiences marital difficulties, clashes with her mother, and ultimately a battle with cancer over several years.
An elderly woman spending the summer at her lake house with her cantankerous husband and her daughter's boyfriend's son.
A naturalist who studies great apes and clashes with poachers in Africa.
An elderly woman who makes a trip to her hometown to get away from her son and daughter-in-law.
A ditzy blonde who joins the Army after her husband dies on their wedding night.
An African-American woman in the early 20th Century who overcomes an abusive relationship with the help of strong female companions.
A jazz singer who comes between two brothers, a duo of pianists.
A frustrated middle-aged woman who is transported back to high school to see how her life could have been different if she had changed some of her choices.
An actress playing a woman in Victorian England, and the character herself.
A woman trying to keep her family farm among pressures from the bank and flooding from the local waterway.
A 19th Century French sculptor who has a romance with the creator of 'The Thinker.'
An alcoholic actress trying to maintain relationships with her daughter, a gay actor, and an aging friend fearing the loss of her looks.
A former student in a school for the deaf who has an affair with the school's new teacher.
A liberal woman who must team with her conservative father-in-law to find her husband, who was taken prisoner in a right-wing South American country.
A woman who survives the car accident that kills her husband and gains the power to heal people.
A frazzled producer who must keep her TV show in order while juggling the affections of her very different anchors.
A middle-aged woman who clashes with her daughter and has a relationship with her astronaut neighbor.
An Englishwoman who befriends a native doctor but then accuses him of attempting to rape her.
A mobster's girlfriend who vows to protect a boy who may have information the mob is looking for.

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