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DescriptionActress, Movie
The daughter of a crooked water department executive who has an affair with the private detective investigating her husband's murder.
A musical theatre dancer who, along with her daughter, is forced to share her apartment with a cocky actor when her boyfriend leaves her.
A free-wheeling singer who works in a decadent German nightclub during the rise of Nazism.
A Radcliffe student who falls in love with a Harvard student, then gets sick and dies.
A ridiculed teenager who gets revenge on her fanatic mother and cruel classmates with her telekinetic powers.
A minimum-wage cotton mill worker who inspires her co-workers to unionize after she meets a charismatic union organizer.
A divorcee who reluctantly falls in love with the married man with whom she is having an affair.
The final tsarina of Russia who has a strong relationship with the notorious Rasputin.
An urban housewife who discovers who she is when her husband reveals his love for a younger woman.
The daughter of a bartender in a small Irish village who cheats on her husband with a British officer, enraging her neighbors.
A Jewish immigrant to New York who has a difficult time assimilating to American culture.
A ballet dancer who takes her friend's daughter under her wing, despite the objections of her friend, a former dancer.
A concert pianist who tries to repair her relationships with her two grown daughters, one of whom is severely disabled.
A drug-addicted madam who runs a successful Western brothel with a charismatic drifter.
The mother of a seemingly deaf, dumb, and blind pinball great who is frustrated with her son's condition.
A woman who overcomes a life of poverty and prostitution to become one of the most successful jazz singers of all time.
A reporter who investigates a near-disaster at a nuclear power plant.
A fiercely liberal woman who marries a politically apathethic writer and squabbles with him as McCarthyism grows.
A housewife whose bizarre behavior leads her confused husband to commit her to a mental institution.
A lousy lounge singer who has an eventful relationship with a neurotic comedian.
A Swedish immigrant to America who struggles to keep her family together in their new home.
A meek pet store employee who falls in love with a boxer, a friend of her brother.
A strong-willed British woman in the early 20th Century who enters into a destructive relationship with an industrialist.
A mediocre singer who works as a waitress, has a young son, and has several unsuccessful relationships.
An aging woman with three grown daughters who suffers from depression when her ex-husband gets engaged to another woman.
DescriptionActress, Movie
A street-wise prostitute who teams with a detective to solve the disappearance of a businessman.
A tyrannical nurse in a mental health facility who is more concerned with controlling her patients than healing them.
A housewife who is forced to examine all of the relationships in her life, including those with her husband, mother, and children.
A self-destructive rock singer who has relationships with a driver and her ruthless manager.
The daughter of a famous French writer whose love for a naval officer leads to her downfall.
A single mother who hires two priests to help her daughter, who appears to have been possessed by a demon.
A famous playwright who becomes involved in the life of her childhood friend, an anti-Nazi fighter.
A French woman who has an affair with a by-marriage relation when she discovers her husband's infiedelity.
A stripper who has a destructive marriage with one of the most controversial stand-up comedians of all time.
An ambitious television executive who has an affair with an older colleague, despite their professional differences.
The matriarch of a black sharecropping family who must keep her family together when her husband is wrongly imprisoned.
A nursery school teacher who begins dating a divorcee, and then must deal with his returning ex-wife.
An elderly eccentric who takes a young man she claims to be her nephew on a whirlwind adventure.
A former ballet dancer who resents her friend who stayed on the stage and the family she left it to raise.
The wife of a soldier serving in Vietnam who has a relationship with a paralyzed veteran of the war.
A struggling single mother of six children who has a relationship with a kind garbageman.
A Swedish daughter of a general who is in a loveless marriage with a mediocre academic.
A white woman who scandalizes the nation by having an affair with a black boxer who beats everyone he faces.
A soap opera actress who begins a relationship with a recently widowed playwright.
A divorcee who maintains an affair with a bisexual youth who is also having an affair with a male doctor.
A married psychiatrist who has trouble with her own mental illness.
A prostitute with a mixed-race son who has a relationship with a love-struck sailor.
A frustrated woman who fails to find meaningful relationships with her husband, lover, or therapist.
A married woman who has an annual rendevouz with a married man.
The devoutly Catholic monarch from the Northern country of the British Isles who threatens the reign of the Queen of England.

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