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DescriptionActress, Movie
A young woman who becomes the first documented case of split personality disorder.
A woman who is murdered by her social climbing boyfriend when he meets a beautiful socialite.
A woman who has an affair with a big game hunter while on safari, much to the dismay of the hunter's married lover.
A Southern woman who is frustrated with her former football hero husband's lack of affection towards her.
A gangster's girlfriend who reveals she's not as stupid as she seems when she takes lessons with a tutor.
A half-Asian doctor who has an affair with a married American reporter in Hong Kong.
A French girl who has a relationship with a shy circus worker through his puppets.
A Catholic sister who has sexual tension with an atheist doctor and works with patients with exotic diseases.
An aging Southern belle who stays with her sister and her brutish husband in New Orleans.
A strong-willed English woman who becomes tutor to the Siamese king's many children.
A middle-aged theatre actress who is being undermined by an ingenue posing as a devoted fan.
A woman who has a tumultuous relationship with the man with whom she shares a party line.
The sister of a missionary who travels down a trecherous river with an alcoholic captain in an old boat.
An alcoholic actress who struggles with her mother and her success in the early days of talking pictures.
The daughter of a serial killer whose daughter seems to have inherited her grandfather's murderous tendencies.
A spinster staying at an inn with her mother who forms a friendship with a disgraced military officer.
A girl who desires to travel to Alaska with her brother and her future sister-in-law.
A widow who is blinded by an irresponsible playboy, and later falls in love with him.
A wealthy widow who wants her disturbed niece to be lobotomized.
A nun who is shipwrecked on a deserted island with a Marine during World War II.
A singer who perseveres in her career after surviving a plane crash.
An up-and-coming actress who falls in love and marries an alcoholic has-been actor.
A poor Russian woman who poses as the missing daughter of the tsar, but may not be an imposter after all.
A young actress who slinks her way into the lives of the theatrical elite by posing as a devoted fan of a famous actress.
A chauffeur's daughter who juggles the affections of her father's employer's very different sons.
DescriptionActress, Movie
A bawdy, promiscuous woman who is wrongly sentenced to death row.
An officer's wife who has an affair with another officer at Pearl Harbor in the weeks preceding the Japanese attack.
An American schoolteacher who has a romantic awakening while on a European vacation.
A woman with a family history of mental illness who marries a poet in the Civil War-era South.
A housewife whose husband desires their young female boarder.
A playwright who is menaced by her scheming actor husband.
A vulgar woman who follows an alcoholic soldier from Chicago to a small town in Indiana.
A middle-aged housewife who has an affair with an ambitious accountant, despite her lover's desire for his boss's daughter.
A woman trying to hide her abortion from her police officer husband.
A childish 19-year old virgin who is married to an older man and pursued by her husband's Italian rival.
A famous opera singer who suffers through a severe bout with polio.
A rich young girl who is driven mad by witnessing the death of her cousin.
A dedicated woman who takes a series of nursing jobs and touches many lives.
A middle-aged spinster who loves the town sheriff and has an affair with a charismatic con man.
A sultry parachute factory worker who tries to seduce the soldier assigned to transport her to the authorities.
A young princess who runs away from home and meets up with an American reporter and photographer.
An Italian woman who marries her rancher brother-in-law when her sister dies, but then falls in love with one of his employees.
An aging and demented silent film actress who tries to keep a young screenwriter as a kept man.
An eccentric woman who lives life to the fullest and takes care of her orphaned nephew.
An actor's wife who clashes with his director as she tries to get her alcoholic husband through the production of a musical.
A washed-up actress who will stop at nothing to revive her career, despite how it affects her husband and child.
A single mother who struggles to raise her daughter while concealing her own past in a close-knit community.
A young woman who juggles the sexual advances of several older men, including one she met on the top of the Empire State Building.
A young woman who becomes a hardened criminal while serving time for an armed robbery she committed with her husband.
An Italian widow who marries a man with the same distinctive body art as her dead husband.

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