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QUIZ: Can you name the Best Actress Nominated roles of the 1920s and 30s by description?

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DescriptionActress, Movie
A young woman who must deal with her husband's wanderlust and eventually becomes a prominent political figure in the expanding American West.
A well-meaning Italian girl who must turn to prostitution to support her sickly mother.
An actress who is the target of an infidelity deception by her jealous actor husband.
A door to door saleswoman who becomes a maid for a down-on-their-luck family she encounters.
A formerly poor Parisian who poses as a noblewoman and falls in love with a young man, but runs into trouble when the man's father discovers her past.
A formerly reserved woman who has relationships with several men when she learns of her husband's infidelity.
An alcoholic actress whose career is on the skids who breaks up the engagement of a prominent architect.
A level-headed rich girl who falls in love with her sister's free-wheeling fiance.
A struggling woman who emigrates to the United States from Eastern Europe.
A carefree young woman who marries a stuffy professor and opens his life to joy and happiness for the first time.
A European actress who marries, and later divorces, one of the most influential American theatrical producers of all time.
A woman who raises the children of a wealthy widower, and then shocks his family by marrying him after many years.
A kept woman who maintains a lavish lifestyle with the help of her lover.
A talented young actress whose career soars as that of her alcoholic husband's takes a nosedive.
A spoiled heiress who runs away from her father and travels back to her husband with a cocky reporter.
The daughter of an illiterate fisherman in Minnesota who returns home after several years of schooling.
A spoiled Southern belle who marries several men before, during, and after the Civil War.
A young woman who discreetly riles up her conservative community by writing a risque novel under a pen name.
A vulgar proprietess of a seaside inn who raises and protects a young girl for many years.
A Cockney flower girl who is taught to speak properly by an egotistical professor.
The matriarch of a wealthy English family who personally endures all of the major events of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.
A sweet psychiatrist who improves the lives of many of her patients.
The doomed wife of Louis XVI at the time of the French Revolution.
A singer in Northern Africa who falls in love with a Foreign Legionnaire.
An aspiring opera singer who must deal with the affections of several men as she tries to improve her career.
A spoiled heiress whose life is improved by a homeless former executive who becomes her family's butler.
A shy member of a middle class family who struggles to find the confidence to pursue love in her stuffy society.
DescriptionActress, Movie
A woman who searches for the child she and her abusive husband sold years earlier.
A free-living socialite who re-examines her life after she's diagnosed with a brain tumor that will leave her blind.
A young woman who begins a relationship with a brash gangster despite the objections of her alcoholic father, the gangster's lawyer.
A social climber who later dedicates her life to improving the life of her daughter, the result of her failed marriage.
A woman who disapproves of her parents' divorce, and falls in love with her future stepbrother.
A righteous poor woman who is forced to turn to a life of crime to support her young daughter.
An unhappily engaged woman who meets and falls in love with a charming French playboy on a cruise ship.
A woman who falls in love with one of a pair of music-composing brothers.
A Southern prostitute who opens a successful laundry business in New York and makes personal sacrifices to help two youngsters.
A demure wife who must deal with a murder attempt when her husband is seduced by a woman from the city.
A woman suffering from tuberculosis who juggles the affections of three best friend soldiers.
A ruthless lower-class girl who would stop at nothing to maintain her social climb, even ruining the lives of those around her.
A determined young actress who does all she can to find success on Broadway.
A stubborn Southern woman who loses the man she loves when she wears a red dress to a fancy ball.
An opera singer who has a tumultuous relationship with a future bishop.
A flirtatious Southern woman whose true love is driven off by her overprotective father.
An Asian farmer's wife who must deal with several hardships on their land.
A vulgar waitress who initally spurns the affections of a club footed doctor who is in love with her.
A sickly poet who falls in love with another poet despite the restrictions placed on her byt her overprotective father.
A golddigger who marries a young man for his money, but later discovers she actually loves him.
A cold Soviet official who falls for Western culture when she is sent to Paris for a jewelry sale.
A disgraced woman who flees to the South Pacific and deals with a missionary who tries to reform her and return her to the United States.
A young Italian girl who falls in love with the most prominent young male member of the family her family is feuding with.
A well-meaning young woman who comes between her two childhood friends when she chooses to marry one over the other.
A young woman who falls in love with the street sweeper who saved her life.
A dowdy apple seller who poses as a rich woman with the help of her gambler friends to impress her estranged daughter.
A recently divorced woman who must deal with her lingering affections for her ex-husband as she dates a dopey oil magnate.

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