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DescriptionActor, Movie
A suburban housewife and mother who has an affair with a frustrated father outside of Boston.
A seductive, dying courtesan who falls in love with an impovrished writer in a surreal version of Paris.
An intelligent English teen who gets involved with a suave older man in the 1960s.
The second oldest of an Englishman's five daughters, who is pressured to marry by her mother for inheritance reasons.
A liberal-minded woman who shakes up a conservative French town with her confection shop.
A successful middle-aged stage actress who engages in an affair with a young American.
A quirky teenager who gets pregnant and decides to give up her baby to a wealthy couple.
The monarch of England who must deal publicly and privately with the death of her former daughter-in-law.
A 12 year old girl who tries to become the chief of her New Zealand tribe, even though the position has only ever been held by men.
A bisexual, unibrowed surrealistic Mexican painter who has a tumultuous relationship with another painter.
A middle-aged woman who moves to France to study cooking and eventually becomes a famous television chef.
An elderly mother who develops a dangerous adddiction to diet pills as she prepares to appear on a game show.
A single mother who is committed to a mental institution after her son is kidnapped and she claims the boy returned to her is not her son.
A Spanish restauranteur who must deal with the corpse of her former lover and the ghost of her mother.
An elderly woman who buys an entertainment hall and becomes the first to present female nudity in the United Kingdom.
A suicidal writer who produced a novel that affects several generations of readers.
A former concentration camp guard who engages in an affair with a teenager years after World War II.
A desperate Colombian teenager who acts as a mule for the powerful drug cartel.
A 1950s housewife who discovers her husband is gay as she forms a bond with the African-American son of her late gardener.
An unsuccessful playwright who must join with her estranged brother to care for their elderly father.
An overweight British woman who journals about her complicated love life.
A self-destructive singer who became one of the most famous French celebrities of the first half of the 20th Century.
A dedicated collaborator, and later wife, of a self-destructive country music superstar.
A single mother who works at a lawyers' office and exposes a cover-up of water poisoning in a small town.
An obese teen who must deal with her second pregnancy by her father and her physically and emotionally abusive mother.
DescriptionActor, Movie
An Irish immigrant who struggles to succeed with her family in New York City.
A suburban wife and mother whose affair with a younger man has tragic results.
A stern nun who suspects a priest at the school for which she is principal of inappropriate contact with a young student.
An African-American woman who has a relationship with the white prison guard who participated in her husband's execution.
A pre-surgical transgender who goes on a road trip with her estranged son.
A quirky woman who reconnects with a former lover who had been erased from her memory by a scientific procedure.
A formerly vibrant woman suffering from Alzheimer's Disease who is gradually forgetting her devoted husband while staying in a nursing home.
A lonely teacher who manipulates events to get closer to a younger colleague.
A Minnesota iron mine worker who speaks out against the sexual harassment she and her fellow female miners must endure.
A strong willed decorator who takes in a homeless teen and inspires him to excel on the football field.
A tyrannical editor of a fashion magazine who terrorizes her young new assistant.
A homely prostitute who becomes a serial killer when she starts slaying all of her clients.
The wife of one of the most famous Russian writers of all time, who clashes with some of her husbands' followers.
A single mother who has an affair with her boss as she tries to repair her relationship with her estranged brother.
The Queen of England who oversees the stunning English defeat of the mighty Spanish armada.
A Maine high school chorus director whose life is shattered by the murder of her son.
A drug-addicted woman who forms a relationship with the man who recieved her dead husband's heart in a transplant, and seeks revenge against the man who killed her husband in a hit
A recovering drug addict who leaves rehab so she can attend her sister's wedding.
A fame-obsessed woman who tries to become a celebrity after she murders her lover in a jealous rage.
A determined boxer who forms a strong bond with her elderly trainer.
An aging woman who surprisingly engages in an affair with the philandering aging boyfriend of her daughter.
A Vice Presidential candidate who must endure grueling confirmation hearings regarding her past.
A desperate woman who begins trafficking illegal immigrants into the United States from Canada with a Native American accomplice.
A former writer who drifts from her longtime husband as she starts suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.
A working class woman who becomes infamous for performing illegal abortions in 1950s England.

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