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DescriptionActor, Movie
A silent film comedian who became one of the biggest movie stars of all time.
The controversial President of the United States during the second part of the Vietnam War.
A fun-loving Italian Jew who is forced to pretend the Holocaust is an elaborate game to protect the psyche of his young son.
A psychotic criminal who terrorizes the lawyer who unsuccessfully defended him and his family.
The King of England who is still upset about losing America, and is treated for mental illness.
A mentally challenged man who forms a friendship with a young boy after spending years in prison for a double murder.
An old Irish land worker who has a heated dispute with an American over the land on which he works.
A boxer who spends years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
A convicted murderer on death row who befriends a compassionate nun.
A brilliant psychiatrist, serving time as a serial cannibal, who helps a young FBI agent catch a killer.
A suburbanite husband who breaks the banality of his life, beginning with his obsession with his daughter's best friend.
A hitman who is assigned to kill a group of young men, and then keep an eye on his boss's wife.
An abusive singer whose talent and success are eclipsed by his eventually strong-willed wife.
A beekeeper trying to protect his granddaughters from the criminal influences brought about by their parents.
A Southern author who engages in a relationship with his sister's psychiatrist when his sister attempts suicide.
A badly burned pilot who relates a story of his affair with another man's wife to the French nurse who care for him.
A Hollywood producer who is hired by a political spin doctor to construct a fake war in Eastern Europe to distract from a Presidential sex scandal.
A cold, wealthy European who hires a famous lawyer to appeal his conviction for attempting to kill his wife.
A retired gunfighter who takes a job getting revenge on the men who brutalized an Old West prostitute.
A mild-mannered mail carrier who woos a beautiful poet with the help of renowned poet Pablo Neruda.
A proper butler who realizes too late that his undying loyalty to his employer was terribly misguided.
A sports agent who has a moral epiphany and loses all but one client.
The openly gay director of some of Hollywood's earliest horror classics.
A free-lance construction worker who shakes up a small New York town as he tries to repair his familial relationships.
A blind, cantankerous colonel who takes a prep student on a trip to New York City.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A reformed neo-Nazi who tries to prevent his younger brother from falling into the same hateful crowd that he did.
A gay man with AIDS who sues his former law firm for wrongful termination.
A misanthropic writer who forms unlikely relationships with a waitress, his gay neighbor, and a small dog.
An eloquent soldier with a distinctive nose who helps another soldier woo a woman, despite his own love for her.
An army officer assigned to lead seven other men to find a soldier whose three brothers have been killed.
A mentally challenged man who managed to affect many important events of the mid-20th Century.
An elderly farmer who drives his tractor many miles to visit his dying brother.
A high school music teacher who touches the lives of many students over the decades.
A catatonic man who has a miraculous reaction to an experimental new drug.
An Irish hoodlum who is wrongly convicted of an IRA bombing and spends years in prison with his kind-hearted father.
A Pentecostal minister on the run from the police for brutally attacking his wife's lover.
A hot-headed New York gangster who is sent to Los Angeles, and eventually has the idea to build modern Las Vegas.
A brilliant pianist who must overcome his abusive father and his own mental deficiencies.
An alcoholic writer who falls in love with a hooker and resolves to drink himself to death in Sin City.
An outspoken Muslim civil rights leader who meets a violent end.
A somewhat unstable policeman investigating a hunting accident and dealing with his abusive father in New Hampshire.
An immoral member of the Nazi Party who ends up saving many Jewish lives by employing them in his factory.
A brash, emotionally damaged Harvard janitor who is actually a mathematical genius.
A schizophrenic homeless man who befriends the disgraced former radio personality who indirectly ruined his life.
A fired tobacco scientist who risks breaking a confidentiality agreement to give a television interview about his company's misdeeds.
An IRA member who befriends his prisoner, a British soldier, and eventually forms a relationship with the soldier's lover after the soldier dies.
A longtime prisoner who befriends a man wrongfully convicted of his wife's murder in a Maine penitentiary.
A charismatic pornographer who tries to protect his First Amendment rights in the courts.
A talkative guitarist who forms a relationship with a sweet mute woman.
A Civil War officer who integrates himself into the lives of a tribe of Native Americans living on the frontier.

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