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DescriptionActor, Movie
A recently paroled criminal who works as a driver for a high-priced prostitute.
A mobster's son who is wrongfully accused of being a criminal in the newspaper.
A new English professor who inspires a group of students at a stuffy boys' prep school.
An adulterous British poet who stirs up lives in a small American town.
A conservative man searching for his left-wing son in war-torn South America.
An FBI agent assigned to investigate the disappearances of three Civil Rights workers in the 1960s South.
A jealous composer who is bent on bringing down his much more talented counterpart.
A totalitarian director who hires an escaped convict to replace the stunt performer who died on his set.
A charismatic Italian who tells his life story to a Russian passenger on a cruise ship.
An effeminate assistant to a deranged actor who tries to get his boss through each of his performances.
An American journalist covering the brutal Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia.
An escaped convict who finds himself on a barrelling locomotive in frozen Alaska.
A severely handicapped man who becomes an artist and writer using his only working appendage.
An elderly professor spending the summer in his vacation house with his devoted wife.
A brash disc jockey who spices up military radio in Vietnam.
A homosexual window dresser who shares a cell with a political captive in a Latin American prison.
A heroic Marine who neglects his family in favor of his career.
A washed-up alcoholic country singer who finds redemption in his relationship with a younger woman and her son.
An aging pool player who coaches a brash youngster in the ways of hustling.
A conservative teenager whose outlook is changed after being crippled in the Vietnam War.
An aging alcoholic movie star who is guest starring on a live television show in the 1950s.
A junior high student who becomes a grown man after making a wish at a carnival.
A photojournalist caught up in a Central American civil war.
An alcoholic British diplomat spending the 1938 Day of the Dead in Mexico.
A temperamental actor who poses as a woman to get a job on a soap opera.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A Swedish man who emigrates to Denmark with his young son.
A Mafia hitman who falls in love with the hit woman he has been assigned to kill.
An American journalist who becomes in Communist politics, particularly during the Russian Revolution.
An alcoholic American jazz musician who befriends a graphic designer in Paris.
A middle-aged horse boarder who forms a relationship with a divorcee.
An alcoholic hobo who returns to his hometown for the first time since accidentally killing his infant son.
An alcoholic professor who instructs a working class woman in literature.
The King of England who leads his country against the French at the Battle of Agincourt.
A brilliant but vulgar composer who became one of the most famous musical personalities of all time.
A dim-witted news anchor who competes with his more intelligent colleague for the affections of a producer.
A tough detective who goes undercover among the Amish to protect the small boy who saw a murder.
An inner-city teacher who inspires his students to excel on the AP Calculus exam.
An alcoholic lawyer who sues a hospital for medical malpractice.
A teacher at a school for the deaf who has an affair with a former student of the school.
A deranged Shakespearean actor who makes his company's productions difficult to get through.
A self-destructive boxer who alienates himself from everyone, especially his wife and brother.
An African-American chauffeur who forms an unlikely friendship with the elderly Jewish woman he works for.
A space alien who takes the form of a woman's dead husband to respond to an invitation from Earth.
The non-violent leader of India during the separation from Great Britain.
An unscrupulous investor who corrupts a young stockbroker.
An obnoxious press agent who tries to improve his relationship with his estranged son when he learns he is dying of cancer.
An autistic man who takes a road trip with his estranged brother.
A wealthy alcoholic who finds redemption with a working class woman.
An aging wiseguy who gets involved with a young casino employee in southern New Jersey.
A severely disfigured man whose intellect stuns those preoccupied with his deformities.

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