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DescriptionActor, Movie
A psychiatrist examining the youth who blinded six horses with a metal spike.
An aging Mafia boss with three sons who attempts to run his business peacefully.
A brilliant pianist who decides to work a series of jobs across the country rather than realize his potential.
An elderly Nazi hunter who uncovers a sinister plot to clone Hitler.
An African-American sharecropper who is forced to leave his family when he is wrongly convicted of a crime.
A Jewish man in New York who is accused of being a Nazi war criminal in hiding.
A hair salon owner caught in the trap of the wealthy husband of his mistress.
A passionate lawyer who is forced to defend a judge he hates against a sexual assault charge.
A controversial comedian who deals with drug abuse and constant legal trouble regarding the content of his act.
A longtime news anchor who goes on an angry on-air rant after being fired for low ratings.
An owner of a dress factory who provides his customers with prostitutes and plots to burn down the factory.
An outspoken American World War II general who is determined to defeat Erwin Rommel.
A confident actor who is forced to share an apartment with a cynical dancer and her daughter.
A disturbed cabbie who is determined to date a campaign worker and save a pre-teen from a life of prostitution.
A Harvard student who falls in love with a Radcliffe student.
The President of the United States who decided to drop atomic bombs on Japan.
A crippled veteran of the Vietnam War who has an affair with the wife of a man still overseas.
An elderly man who evades being sent to a retirement home and befriends a pregnant teenager.
An elderly man who travels across the country with his beloved pet cat.
A criminal who pretends to be insane so he is sent to a mental institution instead of prison.
A homosexual who spends the day with his neighbor as her husband attends a Fascist rally.
A television executive who opposes to the radical policies of a young colleague, despite having an affair with her.
A wealthy man who creates an elaborate trap for the younger man having an affair with his wife.
A moral police officer who loses the trust of his colleagues when he refuses to accept bribes.
An employee of a nuclear power plant who disaproves of how the plant deals with a near emergency.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A small-time conman who enlists the help of a grifting veteran to exact revenge on the mobster that killed his partner.
A schizophrenic nobleman who inherits his wealthy relative's estate, much to his other relatives' chagrin.
A music legend who died tragically young in a place crash.
A private investigator who becomes involved with a widow, her father, and a plot to control the water supply of Los Angeles.
A determined detective who discovers a drug smuggling plot involving a wealthy Frenchman.
A neurotic New York comedian who has an eventful relationship with a quirky nightclub singer.
An elderly comedian who is forced to re-team with his old partner, whom he hates.
A black boxer who scandalizes the early 20th Century by beating all his white competitors and having a white girlfriend.
A workaholic who suddenly becomes a single father when his wife walks out on him and their son.
A chief of medicine who has to deal with his life falling apart around him.
An Italian petty criminal who kills a pimp and is eventually sent to a concentration camp.
A Lake Tahoe-based mob boss who ruins his relationships with his wife and brother.
A simple gardener who only repeats things he hears on television, but is mistook as a genius.
A middle-aged American who engages in a torrid affair with a younger woman in France.
A Jewish milkman who deals with the love lives of his many daughters and growing anti-Semitism in turn-of-the-20th-Century Russia.
A conservative steel worker in Pennsylvania who enlists in the Vietnam War with two of his friends.
A cocky youth who wows everyone with his prowess on the disco dance floor.
A thief who attempts to rob a bank to finance his lover's sex change.
A brilliant Belgian detective who must solve a murder on a famous locomotive.
A soldier assigned to escort another to prison who is determined to show the other man a good time before he's incarcerated.
A famous football player who dies before his time and is given the opportunity to return in the body of a rich executive.
A homosexual doctor who is sharing his boyfriend with a female divorcee.
An unknown boxer who is picked to face the cocky world champion.
The mediocre father of a young college professor who has a strained relationship with his son.
A drug-addicted but brilliant director and choreographer who forsees his own death.

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