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DescriptionActor, Movie
The Moorish officer whose jealousy has tragic results.
A racist policeman who reluctantly teams with a black detective, and learns to respect his new partner.
The American presiding judge in a prominent war crimes trial in post-World War II Germany.
A mine worker who loves life and inspires the meek Brit who inherits the mine.
A naive Texan who moves to New York to become a prostitute and befriends a sickly con artist.
The doctor on a German cruise ship during the rise of the Nazis who has an affair with a drug-addicted passenger.
An office worker who lends his home to executives so they can meet with their girlfriends and eventually falls in love with an elevator operator.
The King of England who clashes with his imprisoned wife over which of their children will succeed him to the throne.
An irresponsible rancher's son who clashes with his moral father and has a relationship with his middle-aged housekeeper.
The Archbishop of Canterbury who clashes with his former best friend, the King of England, over the arrest of a priest.
A deaf-mute who forms a friendship with a girl that hopes to become a famous pianist.
A young man who has an affair with an older woman and falls in love with her daughter after he leaves college.
A convict in one of the country's most famous prisons who becomes one of the country's experts on birds.
A rebellious chain gang prisoner who clashes with his overbearing captors.
A wise lawyer and father who inspires his children as he defends a black man wrongfully accused of raping a white teenager.
A drifter who helps a group of German nuns build a chapel.
A middle-aged professor who has an incredible argument with his wife when a young colleague and his wife make a late night visit.
An aging U.S. Marshal who helps a girl track down her father's murderer.
A Cockney cad who beds several woman, but eventually matures reluctantly.
A charismatic con artist who joins up with a nun to become a successful travelling evangelist.
A mild-mannered British officer who witnesses a madman try to start World War III, the meek President of the United States, and the crazed German scientist who designed a machine c
A stuffy professor whose life is turned upside down by the woman he loves and his generations of students.
A young lawyer who defends five German judges against charges of war crimes in the years following World War II.
The somewhat dim leader of a gang of successful bank robbers during the Great Depression.
A public relations worker who delves, along with his wife, into alcoholism, and goes through a painful rehab.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A New York shopowner who is severely emotionally affected by his survival of the Holocaust.
A brash pool player who clashes with the tough figures in the world of high stakes billiards.
The leader of a group of pick-pocketing youngsters in London.
A British intelligence officer who is caught up in the differing political views of East and West Germany.
A successful rugby player whose personal relationships are in shambles.
The dedicated chancellor of England who refuses to betray his convictions to support the king's divorce and remarriage.
A sickly criminal who aligns himself with a naive cowboy on the tough streets of New York.
A mine worker whose wife shifts her affections from him to their sons.
A father past middle age whose liberal world views are put to a practical test when his daughter announces her intentions to marry a black man.
The conquering Roman emperor who marries and Egyptian queen and is eventually assassinated by his senators.
The British leader of Middle Eastern forces during World War I, who later has a hand in how the Middle East will be governed.
A mentally challenged man who shows remarkable progress when given an experimental treatment.
A drunken gunslinger hired by a girl to protect her father, and the enforcer hired to intimidate the father in the first place.
A convicted child molester who is soon accused of a similar crime when he's released from prison.
The King of England who clashes with his best friend after he appoints the friend Archbishop of Canterbury.
The King of England who divorces his queen and has a brief, but tumultuous marriage to her replacement.
An unhappy husband who must come up with a way to murder his wife and receive a light sentence, as legal dissolution of marriage is impossible in his country.
An officer on a Russian submarine who goes ashore when his ship runs aground off the New England coast.
A misogynistic speech therapist who resolves to tutor a Cockney flower seller in proper English.
A mediocre night-club performer who is desperately trying to keep his career alive as his personal life falls apart.
A Jew being wrongfully held in a Russian prison in the years preceding their Communist revolution.
A bar owner on the French waterfront whose son impregnates a local girl and runs off to sea.
A famous lawyer defending a teacher on trial for teaching creation to his students.
A crew member on an American ship in China in the years between the World Wars.
A bawdy youth who beds many different woman, but falls in love with a landowner's daughter.

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