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Can you name the Best Actor Nominated roles of the 1950s by description?

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DescriptionActor, Movie
A temperamental painter who creates some of the most timeless work of his generation and cuts off his own ear.
An elderly fisherman struggling to catch a huge marlin.
A free-thinking judge who becomes one of the most famouse Supreme Court justices of all time.
A former boxer who works as an enforcer for his brother's mobster boss, and eventually informs on the criminals.
A long-nosed soldier who helps another woo a woman, despite his own love for her.
A nightclub musician forced to disguise himself as a woman when he and his buddy witness a gangland muder.
A social climber who murders his girlfriend when he meets a beautiful rich girl he wants to marry.
A Roman general who refuses to align himself with the officials who conspired to assassinate the emperor.
An Italian widower who marries his sister-in-law and tries to mold her into his dead wife.
A jealous ranch worker who finds wealth when he strikes oil on his tiny parcel of land.
A wounded soldier who must come to terms with the blindness he suffered at the hands of a German sniper.
A retiring sheriff who finds it impossible to find help when an outlaw returns to town.
A cynical lawyer defending a soldier accused of killing the man who had previously raped his wife.
A socially awkward butcher who falls in love with a meek teacher after meeting her at a nightclub.
A meek bank clerk who teams with a group of criminals to steal a load of gold from the bank.
A black prisoner who escapes from a prison transport chained to a white prisoner.
A white prisoner who escapes from a prison transport chained to a black prisoner.
An eccentric drunk who spends all his time with an imaginary white rabbit.
An emotional farmer's son who struggles for the approval of his deeply religious father.
A sick, aging lawyer who defends a man accused of killing an older woman who had put him in her will.
An alcoholic actor who marries a young singer and watches as her career success eclipses his own.
A proper British officer who takes pride in the work he and his men do in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.
An unpopular prisoner in a German prisoner of war camp who is accused of collaborating with the enemy.
A mysterious stranger who arrives in a sleepy Western town looking for a Japanese American.
A Jewish prince who is sold into slavery when he is betrayed by his best friend, a Roman official.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A Hollywood producer who manages to make everyone he knows eventually hate him.
The owner of a large ranch who marries a beautiful woman and must deal with a jealous worker.
An alcoholic musical theatre actor who struggles to revive his career with the help of his wife and his director, who are at odds with each other.
A Roman official who becomes convinced he is cursed when he wins one of Jesus's garments after the crucifixion.
A young British man who falls in love with an industrialist's daughter and has an affair with an older married woman.
An artistic dwarf who finds himself at the forefront of the Bohemian Parisian society in the late 19th Century.
The brother of a war veteran who must deal with his sibling's morphine addiction.
An American officer at Pearl Harbor who has an affair with his commander's wife.
The physically deformed King of England who plots and conspires his way to the throne.
A sailor who spends decades as a castaway on a remote desert island.
A middle-aged travelling peddler who has a strained relationship with his son.
A disgraced former soldier who forms a connection with a spinster as they both stay at a country inn.
A young screenwriter who unwittingly becomes the kept man of an aging and deranged silent film star.
The stubborn king of Siam who clashes with the English tutor he hires to teach his many students.
A mobster who marries and helps the career of an aspiring nightclub singer.
An alcoholic captain of a river boat in Africa who escorts a missionary's sister down the river during World War I.
The leader of a peasant revolution in Mexico in the early 1900s.
A doctor who is being profiled by his nephew, a television producer.
A heroin addict who has trouble staying off the drug when he's released from prison.
A troubled captain whose obsession with control leads his officers to take over the ship.
A brutish Southerner who clashes with his sister-in-law, a mentally unstable former beauty queen.
A former high school football star who frustrates his wife with his lack of affection towards her.
A middle-aged father who has trouble coming to terms with his daughter's impending marriage.
An accomplished bugler who runs into trouble when he refuses to box for his outfit while stationed in Pearl Harbor.
A Navy airman who falls in love with a Japanese woman during the Korean War despite his warnings to other soldiers to avoid doing so.

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