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DescriptionActor, Movie
An aging Irish priest who resents the young priest sent to replace him at his failing parish.
A reporter who poses as a Jew to write an expose on American anti-Semitism.
A reporter who falls in love with the woman whose society wedding he is assigned to cover.
One of the most famous entertainers in America who becomes the star of the world's first talking picture.
An aristocrat who marries a young girl, and seems to have a strong attachment to his first wife, who died under mysterious circumstances.
An American who gets involved with a guerilla unit during the Spanish Civil War.
An idealistic politician who becomes corrupted by the power he's able to accumulate.
A frustrated savings and loan officer who is given a glimpse of what life would be like without him when he wants to commit suicide on Christmas Eve.
A dedicated priest who tries to help a nun acquire a new building for the school they administrate.
The Hall of Fame baseball player who succumbs to a disorder that now bears his name.
An English fisherman who leads a group of children to safety from the pursuing Nazis in the countryside.
A superior-minded man with an effeminate name who becomes a nanny for two children.
A boxer who is killed before his time and is allowed to return to Earth in the body of an elderly executive.
A man who longs to control his red-headed children, but they end up controlling him.
A priest who struggles with his new assignment, a mission in non-Catholic China.
A legendary song and dance man who writes some of the most patriotic songs of the early part of the 20th Century.
The son of a Civil War veteran who goes mad after avenging his father's murder at the hands of his stepmother and her lover.
A priest sent to revive a failing parish run by an aging Irish priest.
A Jewish barber in a Facist country, and the country's ruthless leader.
An alcoholic vaudeville performer whose success eclipses that of his wife.
A thief who marries the niece of a woman he murdered to drive her mad and gain access to the murdered woman's jewels.
The devil, who must go against one of the most famous orators of early American history over the soul of a farmer.
A severely wounded Scottish soldier who gets frustrated as he watches other soldiers heal.
A newspaper magnate who alienates all in his life, and confounds the press with his last words.
A World War II veteran who has trouble re-adjusting to life as a bank executive after returning from the war.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A poor man leading his family from Oklahoma to California in hopes of finding work as fruit pickers.
An alcoholic writer who goes on a supreme bender when his brother and fiance go away for the weekend.
The commander of a brash American Army Air Force unit in England in the beginning of World War II.
The dedicated King of England who leads his troops against the French at the Battle of Agincourt.
A teenager who works for a telegram service that informs the families of fallen soldiers in World War II.
A doctor who befriends an intelligent deaf-mute girl and the Canadian coastline.
A man who goes through a difficult life with his wife and adoptive daughter, strung together by a common piece of music.
The President of the United States who led the country through World War I and then strove to see the formation of the League of Nations.
A disturbed actor who cannot distinguish reality from fantasy when he appears in 'Othello.'
A cynical nightclub owner in Africa who becomes involved in the fight against Nazis when a former lover shows up in his club.
A cocky sailor who takes his naive buddy on a leave weekend when they're cited for heroism.
A middle-aged European Nazi fighter who comes to America with his family and discovers the fight against fascism spans the ocean.
An unpopular commander who gains his troops' respect at one of the most famous Pacific battles of World War II.
The patriarch of a resiliant family in England during the Battle of Britain.
A Cockney ne'er-do-well who takes on the local enforcer when his family needs his help.
An indecisive Danish prince who cannot bring himself to avenge his father.
A boxer who becomes involved with corrupt promoters.
A tall, lanky Mid-Western lawyer who becomes one of the most famous Presidents in American history.
A Polish composer who becomes one of the most prolific musicians of the age.
A scientist who discovers radium with his equally scientific wife.
A boxer whose personal life devolves as his career improves.
A simple pacifist who becomes one the biggest American heroes of World War I.
An American soldier who helps a missing European child find his family in the days after World War II.
A war veteran who suffers from amnesia and forms a romance with a kind woman.
A dedicated father whose son forms a strong bond with a young deer.

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