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Can you name the Best Supporting Actor nominated performances of the 2000s by description?

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DescriptionActor, Movie
A vulgar and irritable policeman who is determined to bring down a powerful criminal and find the cop on the criminal's payroll.
An orchid poacher and botanical expert who is the subject of a book by an unhappy journalist and a screenplay by a neurotic writer.
A veteran Army officer who accompanies a soldier returning from Iraq on their assignment to inform the families of fallen soldiers.
An aging lawyer who hires a brash single mother to work at his firm, and then helps her pursue a case of water pollution.
A former boxer who lives in a gym and helps his friend train an impovrished female fighter.
A crime boss who discovers his long lost brother has established a second life as a Midwestern husband and father after a brutal encounter with another criminal.
A popular priest who is accused of an improper relationship with a young boy by a pair of nuns in a 1960s Catholic school.
A young police officer who clashes with his intense commanding officer on his first day on a new squad.
An aging lawyer who seemingly suffers a mental break but may have actually revealed a massive cover-up involving his firm's biggest client.
A wise wizard who accompanies four hobbits, two humans, an elf, and a dwarf in their quest to destroy a powerful piece of jewelry.
A ruthless, mob-connected casino boss who employs a loser to hang around gamblers to decrease their luck.
A charismatic, but ruthless, Jew-hunting Nazi officer.
A British dermatologist who is involved in a complicated 'love square' with a writer, a stripper, and a photographer over several years.
An actor who is hired to play a vampire in a famous silent film, and may actually be one of the creatures he is portraying.
A drug-addicted grandfather who accompanies his family to his granddaughter's beauty pageant.
A born-again Christian former drug addict who kills another addict's husband in a hit-and-run accident.
A child murderer who terrorizes the sister of his latest victim, one of his neighbors.
An elderly mob leader who sides with his incompentant son when the son kills the wife and son of one of the mobster's top hitmen.
An immoral soap opera actor who goes on a wine tasting tour with his best friend before his upcoming wedding.
A brash CIA agent who recruits a Texas politician in his quest to aid Afghanistan against the Soviet Union.
An elderly man who must deal with the deteriorating mind of his wife, who was formerly a brilliant writer.
A respected Australian actor who takes a role as an African American in a war film, and is thrown into an actual war zone with his co-stars.
A police officer who deals with his father's debilitating illness and how his own racism affects his life.
A brash sportscaster who is intergral in documenting the life and career of one of the most famous and charismatic boxers of all time.
A recently paroled child molester who starts to slip into his old habits when he moves in with his mother.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A maniacal supervillain who terrorizes a major city with his clown makeup and bright purple suit.
The father of a young conman who loves his son despite his nationwide crimes.
A conservative politician who clashes with an eccentric young millionaire in his quest to conquer the skies.
The captain of the South African rugby team who is asked to win the World Cup by his country's historic new President.
A reclusive Nigerian artist who lives in the same tenement house as a strugglish Irish family in New York.
An old man who has an encounter with a recent college graduate determined to live in the wilderness.
A boxing trainer who does whatever he can to help a down-on-his-luck guy affected by the Depression defeat the brutish German champion.
A self-destructive singer whose success is surpassed by that of his background singers.
A Japanese warrior who befriends an American after the American wraps himself in Japanese culture after being taken prisoner in the 1870s.
A young sheepherder who is not as ashamed of his homosexual relationship as his older lover.
A Mexican police officer who must deal with several obstacles in his quest to bring down a drug cartel.
A legendary Russian writer who has personality conflicts with his longtime loving wife.
A sociopathic criminal who ruthlessly tries to get a retired safecracker to return to a life of crime.
A taxi driver who is forced to take a ruthless hitman to his various targets over the course of one night.
A mentally disturbed man whose frankness with a friend of his parents makes the woman realize the emptiness of her suburban life.
A Western outlaw who befriends, and eventually kills, one of the most famous criminals of the Old West.
A mechanic with no self-confidence whose wife kills her lover and has an extremely sensational trial.
A conservative city supervisor who becomes frustrated, an alcoholic, and eventually a murderer through his relationship with the first openly gay elected official in the country's
The incompetant, but ruthless emperor of Rome who is determined to avoid the vengeance of the athlete whose family he murdered.
A veteran CIA agent who discovers a massive cover-up involving oil companies in the Middle East.
A terminally ill gay man who has a tumultuous relationship with one of his best friends who is trying to help him through his last days.
A maniac who will stop at nothing to find a stolen cache of drug money, using an air-blasting gun as his primary weapon.
The American President who causes controversy when he nominates a female senator to replace the dead Vice President.
A West African man who teams with a smuggler to find his son, who had been abducted by rebel soldiers.
A man who, after surviving being raped by a pair of pedophiles when he was a boy, is accused of murdering the daughter of one of his best childhood friends.

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