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Can you name the Best Supporting Actor nominated performances of the 1990s by description?

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DescriptionActor, Movie
A crippled criminal who recounts the story of a boat heist to a dedicated policeman.
A cartoonish mob boss who is determined to kill his city's crusading, yellow-jacketed detective and take over all of the city's crime.
A hard-working Irishman who is thrown into jail when his son is wrongfully convicted of an IRA bombing.
The abusive father of an emotially disturbed rural New England police officer.
A mob enforcer and closet literary genius who helps a young playwright improve his mob-connected production.
A cocky commanding officer who refuses to admit he ordered a 'code red' against an insubordinate enlisted man.
A homosexual painter who forms an unlikely friendship with his misanthropic neighbor and a kind waitress after he's severely beaten by burglars.
An abrasive studio boss who hires a New York playwright to write a wrestling movie.
A cocky football player who becomes his agent's only client when the agent has a moral epiphany and breaks from his company.
The illegitimate nephew of a mob boss who tries to insert himself into his uncle's former criminal empire.
The lover of a murdered British soldier who later has a relationship with the IRA member responsible for the soldier's death.
An irresponsible playboy who befriends the strange young man his father hired to bring him home.
A volitile gangster whose temper gets him in trouble with his Mafia bosses over several years.
A bumbling theatre manager in mountains of debt who produces an eventual classic play by the world's most famous playwright.
A dedicated mission control commander who tries to bring a distressed space shuttle back to safety.
A Native American who befriends an American army officer who is stationed in the frontier following the Civil War.
A sympathetic doctor who runs an orphanage and performs illegal abortions.
A cranky army officer who loses his legs and forms an unlikely friendship with his mentally-challenged subordinate.
An elderly horror film star who stars in the 'masterpiece' of the world's worst director.
A former United States President who assists in the defense of African captives who mutinied on an illegal slave ship.
A tyrannical sheriff who refuses to allow anyone get revenge on the men who severely injured a prostitute in the Old West.
A humongous and powerful, but gentle death row inmate who impresses his guards with his supernatural powers.
A level-headed Jewish mobster who clashes with one of his best friends, a hot head who moves to California and eventually is responsible for the build-up of Las Vegas.
A sadistic Nazi officer who runs a concentration camp with added cruelty as he deals with a factory owner.
A powerful attorney who defends a leather company against a perceived ambulance chaser who is representing the families of poisoned children.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A nervous car salesman who hires two lowlifes to kidnap his wife so he can share in the ransom money provided by his wealthy father-in-law.
A prominent New Orleans man who is implicated in the most famous assassination of all time by a crusading district attorney.
A farmer whose runt pig longs to be a sheepdog.
A widowed therapist who treats a brilliant, but abrasive, Harvard janitor.
A cocky real estate agent who is determined to win a cruel sales contest in his office.
A bible-quoting, pork-avoiding hitman who retires from his criminal life after thwarting a diner robbery.
The authoritarian director of a television show that discreetly films an average man at every moment of his life.
A wealthy gay man who deals with the AIDS crisis over the course of the 1980s with several others in his community.
A misogynistic motivational speaker who has an estranged relationship with his dying father.
A mental patient who is suspected of being responsible for wiping out the human race with a virus by a time traveller.
The abusive father of a disturbed piano prodigy who is obsessed with his son's career.
An United States marshal who is obsessed with catching a doctor who escapes from prison after being wrongfully convicted of killing his wife.
A disturbed young boy who shares a supernatural secret with his psychologist.
A developmentally disabled young man who is cared for by his older brother when his morbidly obese mother proves incapable.
A bail bondsman who becomes involved with a flight attendant and her ruthless gun-smuggling boss.
An elderly white supremacist who goes on trial for the murder of a prominent black student decades after the killing.
The long-suffering brother and agent of a stand-up comedian who must deal with his brother's tendency to destroy relationships.
A psychotic man who is obsessed with killing the President and the aging Secret Service agent who had failed to protect President Kenendy.
A dim-witted Minnesota man who finds a large sum of money in a downed airplane with his brother and friend.
A ruthless henchman of a nobleman who steals from, and then brutally pursues, a Scottish drover.
A grizzled cattle rancher who leads a group of tourists on an eventful cattle drive.
A veteran pornography director who must deal with his various actors and other collaborators, particularly a well-endowed newcomer.
A meek, stuttering altar boy who is accused of murdering his diocese's Archbishop.
A hot-headed Los Angeles gangster who teams with another hot head from New York to build up a legal gambling city in Nevada.
The intellectual father of a game show champion who is unimpressed with his son's public accomplishments.

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