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Can you name the Best Supporting Actor nominated performances of the 1980s by description?

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DescriptionActor, Movie
A nobleman who buys an African farm with his wife, and then stands by as his wife has an affair with a hunter.
A troubled teenager who has trouble dealing with the accidental death of his brother and his strained relationship with his mother.
An elderly English man in a debtors' prison who is aided by a wealthy admirer of his daughter's.
A Japanese immigrant and handyman who teaches martial arts to a bullied teenager.
An Italian pizza shop owner who finds himself at the forefront of the racial tension in his neighborhood on the hottest day of the summer.
A timid man with a disabled wife who has a brief affair with the unhappy wife of a college professor.
A man who forms an infatuation with his sister-in-law, and maintains an affair with her over several months.
A talented lawyer who defends the medical establishment against a malpractice lawsuit brought by an alcoholic has-been.
An Italian track coach who assists a British runner succeed in one of the early Olympics.
A dim-witted criminal who gets involved in a London jewel heist, and gets jealous when his lover tries to seduce a lawyer.
A black pianist who becomes a terrorist when his lover is killed at the turn of the twentieth century.
An aging New York man who is having an affair and deals with his daughter's relationships with her fiance and her brother.
A symphathetic psychiatrist who helps a troubled teenager deal with his brother's death.
A Cambodian journalist who works with an American during the brutal Khmer Rouge regime.
An elderly mob boss who hires two of his professional killers to kill each other.
The teenage son of a pair of fugitives who is frustrated by his family's constant moving.
A misogynistic retired astronaut who develops a relationship with his next-door neighbor over several years.
A cruel drill instructor in an all-black regiment in World War II whose murder triggers an elaborate investigation.
A Southern businessman who hires a chauffeur for his stubborn elderly mother.
A daring test pilot whose achievement make him a national hero, but later regrets his decision to not join the space program.
A kind commanding officer who competes for the loyalty of his men with his intense colleague in Vietnam.
A famous playwright who has an affair with the feminist lover of a Marxist journalist.
A neurotic TV anchor who competes with his suave, but dim-witted, colleague for the affections of their producer.
A gay nightclub performer who helps a poor female singer pose as a male female impersonator in Paris.
An eye doctor who struggles to prevent his mistress from revealing their affair to his wife.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A diminutive man who works as his boxer brother's manager as their relationship falls victim to the brother's jealousy.
A dim-witted criminal who escapes from an Alaskan prison and boards a doomed locomotive.
A blind man who assists a widow who is struggling to keep possession of her farm.
A Mafia boss who murders an underling, then pursues the underling's wife after the funeral.
An intense officer who competes for the loyalty of his men with his kind colleague in Vietnam.
A transsexual former football player who befriends the illegitimate son of a free-wheeling feminist.
A black activist in South Africa who befriends a white man and is later beaten to death by police after being arrested.
A bumbling Nazi commander who deals with a group of vain Shakespearean actors who are trying to undermine the Third Reich.
The oldest son of a cocky military pilot who has a troubled relationship with his emotionally abusive father.
An escaped slave who reluctantly serves with an all-Black regiment during the Civil War.
A gay actor who complicates the life of one of his best friends, a single mother and actress.
An elderly British nobleman who learns his grandson was raised in the jungle after his marooned parents died in his infancy.
A human rights attorney hired by a white South African teacher to bring the murderers of a black janitor to justice.
A tough drill instructor who inspires a Naval officer candidate with a troubled past.
A private investigator who helps a lawyer defend her lover against a murder charge.
A pimp who intimidates a reporter when he believes he's the subject of a sensational article.
A New York financier who assists an auto maker in his quest to compete with Detroit's Big Three.
A resident of a small Florida town who befriends a newcomer to the town and whose daughter's relationship with a deer inspires the newcomer's famous novel.
An eccentric Englishman who, along with his son, befriends several English ladies on an Italian vacation.
An elderly man who finds that his retirement community's pool has rejuvenating powers with his friends.
An eccentric, elderly, and famous millionaire who leaves his entire estate to a down-on-his-luck guy who gave him a ride.
A street-wise, aging beat cop who assists a stuffy Treasury agent in his pursuit of Al Capone.
The governor of the Lone Star State who deals with the controversy caused by a popular brothel.
A proper butler who constantly cares for his drunken playboy employer.
An alcoholic who serves as an assistant coach for his son's high school basketball team.

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