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QUIZ: Can you name the Best Supporting Actor nominated performances of the 1970s by description?

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DescriptionActor, Movie
A young priest who assists an older veteran in the expulsion of a demon from a possessed pre-teen.
An elderly Jedi Knight who guides a young man in his quest to save a kidnapped princess.
A young, troubled mental patient who is helped by a fellow patient and ridiculed by a sadistic nurse.
A young boy who is forced to form a relationship with his workaholic father when his mother leaves the family.
The youngest son of a successful Mafia boss who becomes the unlikely heir to his father's business.
An unsuccessful man who sets up his meek pet shop employee sister with his boxer best friend.
The popular co-captain of a Texas high school football team in the early 1950s.
A conservative officer who returns wounded from Vietnam to find his wife has been having an affair with a paralyzed veteran.
A young Italian immigrant who becomes one of the most prominent mob bosses in the United States.
A working class man whose Radcliffe educated daughter marries a Harvard educated rich man.
A shy tailor who loves the oldest daughter of a poor Jewish milkman in turn of the twentieth century Russia.
A famous mystery writer who inspires his lover, also an author, as she gets involved with anti-Fascist activists.
A tough Harvard Law professor who challenges a group of fresh-faced first-year students.
A pre-op transgender whose lover unsuccessfully robs a bank to pay for his sex change operation.
The grizzled owner of a movie house in a sleepy Texas town.
A surfing helicopter commander in Vietnam who enjoys combative odor when he wakes up.
An associate and friend of the owner of a dress factory that disapproves of his friend's plan to burn the factory down for the insurance money.
A college professor who tries in vain to get over his strained relationship with his father.
A newspaper editor who supports two of his reporters as they uncover a Presidential scandal.
The adopted son of a successful Mafia boss who works as the boss's legal advisor.
A dying Jewish mobster who double crosses his Italian colleague, the son of one of his mentors.
A football coach whose quarterback is killed too early and returns as a rich old man.
A grizzled boxing trainer who helps an underdog as he prepares to face the cocky champion.
A mute resident of an Irish town that finds himself observing a controversy involving a young woman's affair with a British officer.
A limo driver who has a relationship with a hard-living rock and roll singer.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A wealthy Republican who bankrolls a hairdresser he assumes is gay, unaware that the hairdresser is romancing both his wife and his girlfriend.
A cop who works with his street-wise partner as they try to bring down a European drug dealer.
The friend of a female anti-Fascist fighter, who aids the fighter's playwright friend in her attempt to smuggle money across Europe.
A young car thief who teams up with a notorious bank robber posing as a preacher.
A naive convicted Marine who is being escorted to prison by two others.
A steel worker who serves in Vietnam with his friends, but stays behind playing Russian Roulette after the war ends.
An Italian mobster who is frustrated with his Lake Tahoe-based boss as he runs the family's New York operations.
The hot-headed oldest son of a Mafia boss who briefly takes over the family business when his father is shot.
A prominent Russian ballet dancer who has an affair with an up-and-comer, the daughter of a former dancer.
A ruthless corporate leader who manipulates the television station his company owns through a dramatic monologue directed at the station's troubled news anchor.
An elderly former vaudevillian who re-teams with his former partner, whom he hates.
A Cheyenee leader who raises a white child who grows up to be 121 years old.
A prisoner in a Turkish prison who befriends an American youth and is attached to his pet cat.
A former song-and-dance man with an untalented actress daughter who is working as a door to door salesman in Hollywood in the late 1930s.
An androgynous host of a seedy German nightclub during the rise of the Nazis.
A troubled youth who goes into intense therapy after he blinds six horses with a metal spike.
A member of an Oregon logging family that deals with generational differences and labor disputes.
A dying millionaire who befriends a simple gardener that everyone mistakes for a genius.
An aging conman who is trapped with several others in a raging fire in a brand new skyscraper.
The manager of a baseball team who must deal with his catcher's terminal illness.
A retired jockey who helps a rescued cast away and his horse succeed in the world of racing.
A wealthy man who disapproves of his daughter's relationship with a recently married man.
An aging cowhand who helps a female rancher in her land struggle with a ruthless cattle baron.
An Italian patriarch who has one son getting married and another getting divorced.
A former Nazi officer who extracts information through excessive dentistry.

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