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DescriptionActor, Movie
The authoritarian politcal boss in a Southern town who opposes his daughter's relationship with an aging actress's companion.
A doctor who disapproves of his neighbor's seemingly immoral lifestyle.
A burly prisoner who befriends a non-conformist on his chain gang.
A young communist whose wife has an affair with a doctor at the time of the Russian Revolution.
An overweight billiards player who clashes with a young hotshot.
A conservative man who clashes with his son when the son returns from the military.
A colorful Tennessean who arrives in San Antonio with Davy Crockett to defend it from the Mexicans.
A young professor who visits his damaged colleague and his alcoholic wife.
The ambitious King of France who encourages the conflict between the English King and his Archbishop of Canterbury.
A simple Air Force flyer who is arrested for killing a town's prominent citizen and defended by a idealistic young lawyer.
A cardinal who serves as Chancellor to an English king trying to divorce his wife.
A German Jew who testifies against several Nazi judges in the years following the war.
A meek accountant who enters into a scheme with a failing theatre impresario to put on a flop musical.
A young Arab man who assists a British officer in the Middle East during World War I.
A brash prisoner who serves in a World War II company of criminals on a suicide mission.
A conniving officer who convinces his Moorish commander that his wife has been unfaithful.
A moral cattle rancher who must deal with the antics of his immoral son.
A kind young man from Detroit who seduces a middle-aged woman who has been left by her husband.
A Chinese engine worker who befriends the new engineer on his American military ship.
A thief that stows away in a car when it's stolen by one of his contemporaries.
A vicious thug who leads a notorious syndicate of killers.
A bumbling conman who is recruited for a high profile robbery by a suave thief.
The brother of an impotent bank robber who joins his brother's gang.
A patient in a military psychiatric hospital who suffers from mental battle scars.
An unscrupulous lawyer who schemes to win a settlement when his brother-in-law is injured filming a football game.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A charismatic boy who picks pockets in London and befriends a younger orphan.
A Roman slave trader who owns a slave who eventually leads a massive uprising.
A brutish prisoner who meets another man in the prison who collects rare birds.
The charismatic King of England who clashes with his friend and advisor over his desired divorce.
An optimistic young sailor who is terrorized by his sadistic superior.
A married conservative man who eventually enters into a spouse-swap with his free-loving friends.
The partner of a professional gambler who is helping an apple peddler pretend to be a noblewoman.
A terminally ill President who deals with the seamy political dealings of his possible successors.
A meek young man who joins a notorious bank robbing gang in the Great Depression.
A middle-aged man who marries his employee's young daughter.
A man of property who disapproves of his daughter's relationship with a philandering young man.
The ruthless emcee of a Depression-era dance marathon.
A priest who becomes involved with the lives of a liberal couple who is dealing with their daughter's African-American fiance.
A professional gambler who stakes a hotshot pool player against an overweight veteran.
A dwarf who observes his fellow passengers on a German cruise ship during the rise of the Nazis.
An overweight pianist who takes advantage of an aging child star and her crippled sister.
An alcoholic civil liberties lawyer who briefly accompanies a pair of free-living motorcyclists.
A passenger on a plane that crashes in the desert.
A senator who is involved with the plot of a right-wing general to overthrow the President.
A Puerto Rican street gang leader whose sister falls in love with a rival gang member.
A famous British playwright and actor who is involved with the life of his childhood friend, a popular stage actress.
A poor Cockney man who encourages his daughter's relationship with a pompous speech therapist.
A young Holocaust survivor who joins a radical Zionist organization at the time of the creation of Israel.
A practical agent who deals with his free-wheeling brother and the twelve-year-old boy that lives with him.
A high-ranking priest who deals with a younger colleague and many of the social problems of the first half of the twentieth century.

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