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Can you name the Best Supporting Actor nominated performances of the 1950s by description?

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DescriptionActor, Movie
A brutish mob boss who runs a city's dock yards with an iron fist.
A stern Japanese commander who runs a brutal prisoner of war camp in World War II.
An advisor to a power-hungry Roman emperor who eventually defies the Emperor and commits suicide.
A well-educated psychologist who competes for the affections of a journalism professor with a brash reporter.
A dim-witted prisoner of war who witnesses the accusation of treachery of an unpopular prisoner.
The son of a pacifist Quaker family who desires to fight against those threatening his home during the Civil War.
A single man who disapproves of his butcher friend's potential relationship with a meek schoolteacher.
A brutish Irish man who refuses to pay the dowry when his sister marries an American.
An alcoholic who helps his friend, a small town lawyer, defend a soldier accused of killing the man who raped his wife.
An insincere publicist who helps the career of a Mexican sex symbol.
A young man who falls in love with his cousin's widow, despite his suspicions that she killed her husband.
A Russian buffoon with three very different sons from two marriages.
A ruthless gunslinger who is hired by a cattle baron to drive homesteaders off their land.
A dedicated domestic servant to a delusional aging silent film star.
A wealthy young man who persuades his friend to marry the man she loves rather than the one she is socially expected to.
A meek ensign on a Navy ship who gets in the middle of a conflict between the ship's executive officer and captain.
A power hungry and paranoid Roman emperor who persecutes Christians and allows the city to burn.
A commanding officer whose friend, a World War I ambulance driver, has an affair with a nurse.
An alcoholic playboy whose friend has relationships with both his wife and sister.
The son of homesteaders who befriends the gunslinger who defends them from a ruthless cattle baron.
A charismatic shiek who recruits a former Jewish slave to run in chariot races.
A priest who encourages put-upon dock workers to stand up to the mob that runs their workplace.
A brutish man from a small New England town who is murdered by his stepdaughter after he sexually abuses her.
The brother of a famous Mexican revolutionary.
A Communist lawyer who wants his Mexican defendant to be convicted to further his political cause.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A sinister theatre critic who manipulates the lives of a pair of actresses.
A humane sheriff who leads a posse to catch two escaped fugitives, one black and one white.
A scheming actor who marries a successful playwright, then plots to murder her before she can cut him out of her will.
A kind storeowner who brings a disturbed teacher to a Labor Day celebration.
A mob lawyer whos former boxer brother works as an enforcer for the local mob boss.
A photographer who accompanies a reporter to Italy and witnesses the reporter's relationship with a princess.
An American airman who defies military regulations by marrying a Japanese woman during the Korean War.
A kind New Orleans man who romances his brutish poker buddy's disturbed sister-in-law.
A young, conservative district attorney who prosecutes a soldier for killing the man who murdered his wife.
An Apache chief who befriends a white man and facilitates the end of the Apache War.
A naive cowboy who falls in love with a beautiful nightclub singer when he travels from Montana to Arizona.
A kind old man who eludes the Secret Service for years as he counterfeits one dollar bills.
A popular ship's captain during World War II who is replaced by an authoritarian commander.
A poor cattle rancher who has an ongoing fued with a much wealthier rival.
An Old Westerner who leads his nephew and his friend and on an expedition to trade with Native Americans.
A disturbed teenager who is arrested for shooting puppies, and then befriends a pair of classmates with several problems of their own.
An aging Jewish man who hides from the Nazis with other Jews, including a young girl and her family, in an attic.
The unsuccessful son of a middling peddler, who resents his father after witnessing his infiedelities.
A meek teenager in a small New England town who is in love with his beautiful best friend.
A charismatic private who befriends a disturbed bugler at Pearl Harbor just before World War II.
A prominent citizen of a small Indiana town whose life is shaken up when his alcoholic younger brother returns to town.
A paroled criminal mastermind who organizes an elaborate jewel heist.
A gambling soldier who runs a floating crap game up and down the Italian front during World War II.
An alcoholic youngster with mob ties who is rehabilitated by a formerly alcoholic reporter.
A charismatic artist who deals with his depressed friend and contemporary.

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