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Can you name the Best Supporting Actor nominated performances of the 1940s by description?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionActor, Movie
The priest at a Catholic school in France whose student sees the Virgin Mary.
A sadistic killer who will do anything, including murdering a target's invalid mother, to hunt down the people he wants dead.
A bumbling totalitarian Italian leader who meets with his German counterpart.
A small-town Californian whose son is a war hero and is swindled by a suitor of his son's girlfriend.
The gruff, but soft-hearted uncle of a family of Scandanavian immigrants.
A young man with a family who risks it all to help his friend, a concentration camp escapee.
A kind old man who encourages the growth and development of his great-grandson.
The disturbed associate of a ruthless gangster who has a drinking problem.
An intelligent Welsh coal miner who manages to enroll in Oxford with the help of a dedicated teacher.
A tobacco-chewing Platoon Sergeant who leads his men across Europe, digging foxholes, during World War II.
A Jewish stockbroker who marries the sister of the man who swindled him.
The leader of a group of anti-fascist guerillas during the Spanish Civil War.
A wily old prospector who acoompanies two younger men on a quest to find hidden gold.
A boxing manager who helps his dead client and friend when he is reincarnated in the body of an aging millionaire.
A department store Santa Claus who claims to be the real thing.
An Italian prisoner of a Sudanese man who accompanies an American tank commander in the African desert.
An aging wealthy social climber whose niece will stop at nothing to retain her former fiancee.
A meddling older man who tries to bring the two single people he's living with together during World War II.
An attorney who is suspicious of his client's alleged self-defense shooting of a former lover.
A reporter who goes to a small town to cover an idealistic politician, and then becomes involved in his increasingly corrupt politics.
A company commander who allows a young war correspondent to travel with his men.
An overweight Marine who assists in the defense of an important American base.
An aging European psychoanalyst who helps his former student with her amnesiac patient and lover.
A leprechaun who travels to New York to help a successful reporter.
An advisor to a powerful political woman who is impressed by the woman's Scandanavian maid.
DescriptionActor, Movie
An aging priest who disapproves of the untraditional methods of his young counterpart.
The father of a deaf-mute girl who tragically confronts his daughter's attacker.
A charismatic columnist who may have been involved in the apparent murder of a beautiful advertising executive.
A mysterious overweight man who will stop at nothing to acquire a black statue of a bird.
A wealthy man who is concerned a handsome stranger is taking advantage of his plain daughter.
An alcoholic who struggles to keep his family together in a New York borough at the turn of the century.
A corrupt official in a French African outpost who ultimately helps a bar owner against the Nazis.
A Danish diplomat who is assassinated at a conference for a peace party.
The manager of one of the biggest stars in vaudeville and the star of the first talking picture.
The crippled brother of a young, successful boxer who distrusts his brother's profession.
A poor man who moves into a house inherited by his friend and saves his money for a golden candle to honor his dead dog.
A carousel owner who takes in a mysterious drifter in a New Mexico town.
The patriarch of a close-knit Welsh coal mining family.
A former Nazi hiding in Brazil who is seduced by his friend's daughter, an American spy.
The clergyman of a rural Tennessee town in the years surrounding World War I.
A major on an American World War II airbase who deals with the various characters of his fellow officers.
A handsome foreman who allows an ugly farmer to use his photograph to woo a beautiful waitress.
A grumpy professor who rooms with a woman and her daughters during World War II.
A Western bartender and judge who runs his small town with an iron fist.
A older single man in a World War II British town who is obsessed with winning the local rose competition.
An anti-Semitic soldier who gets drunk, kills a Jewish man, and then tries to cover it up.
The Dauphin of France who deals with the girl who speaks to God and leads the French army against the English.
A grumpy store owner who poses as an employee to determine who is trying to unionize.
The father of one of the greates song and dance men of the early part of the twentieth century.
A soldier who returns home from World War II without his hands.

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