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DescriptionActor, Movie
A sheepherder who engages in an unlikely relationship with his male counterpart.
A charismatic boxer who is determined to become the greatest of all time.
The former President of the United States who opens up in a television interview.
A wrongfully imprisoned barber who seeks revenge on the judge that wronged him.
A British journalist observing American foreign policy in Southeast Asia in the years preceding the Vietnam War.
A washed-up grappler who tries to start a new relationship with his daughter.
An openly gay poet lives among the changing political climate in Cuba.
A risk-taking soldier in a group of bomb-diffusors.
An aging boxing trainer who forms a father/ daughter relationship with his newest student.
A Middle Eastern immigrant involved in a property dispute with a recently evicted woman.
A brilliant mathematician whose schizophrenic delusions interfere with his personal and professional lives.
The eccentric millionaire who changed the world with his innovations in film and commercial flight.
A drunken buccaneer who is trying to regain his ship from a crew of ghosts.
The first openly gay man to be elected to public office in the United States.
A talented Jewish musician who is forced to run from Nazi atrocities in Poland.
A stoic news anchor who takes on the questionable policies of a radical Senator.
A mercenary involved with the trade of illegal precious gems in war-torn Africa.
A FedEx employee who spends years stranded on a desert island.
A flamboyant author who forms an attachment with the gruff subject of his new book.
A southerner born as an old man who ages in reverse.
A single father dedicated to bettering the lives of himself and his young son.
The charismatic leader of a group of Manhattanites opposed to Irish immigration during the Civil War.
A lawyer who uncovers a conspiracy involving his firm's biggest client.
A reformed criminal who seeks revenge after his daughter is brutally murdered
A New England town doctor whose son engages in a disastrous affair with an older woman.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A driver who is working his way up the ranks of the Russian Mafia in England.
An aging American actor who befriends a newlywed while shooting a commercial in Japan.
A Memphis pimp struggling to find success in the rap music industry.
A wrongly enslaved Roman general who seeks revenge against the emperor who killed his family.
A hotel proprietor who protects scores of people from a horrific genocide in his country.
A sick, elderly actor who finds himself attracted to a much younger woman.
A professional job terminator whose life is affected by his relationships with a fellow traveller and his young colleague.
A controversial French nobleman who manipulates the lives of those in the asylum in which he is incarcerated.
A poor blind boy who becomes one of the most successful musicians of the twentieth century.
A self-destructive country musician who finds redemption in his beautiful collaborator.
A mentally handicapped man who fights the courts for custody of his young daughter.
A gay professor dealing with the death of his longtime lover.
A deserting Confederate soldier trying to return to his lover and home.
A single-minded oil magnate who destroys all of his personal relationships.
A timid college professor who befriends the immigrants squatting in his New York apartment.
An alcoholic but brilliant painter who tries the patience of his devoted wife.
The charismatic but ruthless leader of an African country who charms a young European doctor.
An alcoholic country singer who falls in love with a younger journalist.
A recently retired actuary who must deal with the death of his wife and his daughter's impending marriage.
An inner-city teacher who must deal with his heroin addiction.
A neurotic screenwriter stuggling to bring a bestselling novel to the screen, and his free-wheeling twin brother.
A dedicated father who is searching for his son, a veteran of the Iraq War.
The author of one of the most famous children's stories of all time who touches the lives of his widow neighbor and her children.
The leader of South Africa while his country hosts the Rugby World Cup.
A corrupt policeman who exploits the young new member of his team.

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