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DescriptionActor, Movie
The boistrous King of England who goes through several wives in his attempt to produce a male heir.
A singing bandit who falls in love with a girl, but then wants to exact revenge on her when her brother kills his sister.
A determined youngster who, along with his female partner, is dedicated to succeeding in show business.
A former Russian general who is now working as an extra in Hollywood.
The diminutive leader of France who nearly conquers the world, but is influenced by his Polish mistress.
A driven frontiersman who puts his desire to explore new lands above everything, even his family.
A gruff prisoner who leads an elaborate and violent escape attempt.
A priest who clashes with one of his best friends, one of the top gangsters in the Barbary Coast section of a California city at the turn of the 20th Century.
A boxer who refuses to fight in any way outside of the ring, even in World War I.
A roguish Southerner who fights for the Confederacy, then marries, and eventually leaves, a stubborn Southern belle.
The tyrannical captain of a British ship who is eventually overthrown by his first mate.
A Western bandit who evades capture, despite being betrayed by his girlfriend.
A famous French writer who pleads the case of a Jewish officer who had been wrongly imprisoned for many years.
A Milwaukee bank clerk who is taken for a lot of money by a beautiful blonde.
A doctor who spends time as a local physician and as an important researcher.
A brilliant scientist who transforms into a monster when he experiments in the duality of human nature.
A charming reporter who accompanies a spoiled heiress in her attempt to get to her new husband.
A naive New Hampshire man who inherits millions of dollars from an unknown wealthy relative.
A Portuguese fisherman who saves and befriends a spoiled boy who falls off a cruise ship.
A nobleman who quickly becomes bored with his marriage to the queen of a small European country.
A charming detective who solves the murder of a skinny scientist with his loving wife.
A conceited language expert who attempts to clean up the speech of a Cockney flower seller.
A Venetian tour guide who falls in love with an American tourist.
The moral first mate of a ship who reluctantly leads a revolt against its tyrannical captain.
A foundling who develops a strong love for a wealthy girl, then tries to exact revenge on her family when they prevent their relationship.
A newspaper editor who attempts to prevent his star reporter from getting married and moving away.
DescriptionActor, Movie
An alcoholic actor whose career falters as that of his young wife skyrockets.
A young American who is transported to London at the time of the American Revolution to meet his ancestors.
A mine worker who gets in the middle of bitter labor dispute between the owners and his fellow miners.
A stuffy professor who learns to love life through his wife and his generations of students.
The Prime Minister of Great Britain who is determined to weed out spies and acquire the Suez Canal.
An insecure actor who disguises himself to try to catch his wife in infidelity.
A notorious gangster who clashes with his childhood best friend, who grew up to be a priest.
A rich kid who tries to help his friend get out of the shantytown he lives in.
The brilliant scientist who is determined to prove the theory that germs cause many problems in surgery and livestock.
A charming servant whom an old lady's niece suspects of a grisly murder.
A hulking Irishman who decides to tell the police the whereabouts of his fugitive friend to collect on the substantial reward.
A guy who, from all I can tell from an internet search, is condemned in some way.
An alcoholic boxer who reluctantly gives up custody of his son to his wealthy ex-wife.
An idealistic boys group leader who is selected to replace a dead senator, but is not as much of a pushover as his corrupt party expects.
The oblivious Duke of Florence who is cuckolded by a charming artist.
The boistrous son of a famous stage acting family.
A retired automotive executive who loses his wife to the elegance of Europe, and in the meantime finds what really makes him happy.
A kind priest who starts a community for the orphaned boys of Omaha.
A man wrongfully convicted of burglary and murder who must endure cruel prison conditions, and eventually escapes.
The leader of a tiny realm in Asia who imprisons three English victims of a plane crash.
A former rich man, ruined by the Depression, who becomes the butler for an irresponsible wealthy family.
A prisoner obsessed with maintaining his mother's honor.
A famous French thief who is trapped in the casbah of a major African city.
A bored British officer who works as a private investigator.
A midshipman who participates in one of the most famous mutinies of all time.
An alcoholic lawyer who disapproves of his daughter's relationship with one of his clients, a brutal gangster.

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