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DescriptionActor, Movie
A young professor's wife who is emotionally damaged by an encounter with an older couple on campus.
A nominated actress who is staying in a hotel with her husband before the Academy Awards.
A concert pianist who conceives a child with another woman's husband.
The Queen of England who attends plays by her country's most celebrated author.
A gangster's girlfriend who is trapped in a Florida hotel with the gangster in others as a hurricane approaches.
A young orphan who travels with a conman who may be her father.
The fiery ex-wife of a Spanish painter who engages in an unorthodox relationship with the artist and his new girlfriend.
A quirky dog trainer who begins a relationship with a grieving travel writer.
The mother of sons on opposite sides of the law, and the owner of a disaster-causing cow.
The proprietess of a brothel who is the secret mother of a religious farmer's two sons.
A lead-singer of a Motown-styled singing group who is pushed from the spotlight in favor of her more attractive friend.
A nightclub hostess who falls in love with a troubled soldier in pre-World War II Hawaii.
The wife of a television executive who refuses to forgive her husband's affair with a younger woman.
A fake psychic who is the only person who can communcate with a recently-deceased man trying to save his girlfriend.
A young Puerto Rican woman who aids her boyfriend's sister in her pursuit of a boy from a gang in a feud with her boyfriend's.
A campaign worker who has an affair with her increasingly corrupt boss.
A resourceful woman who helps another woman run her farm in the South during the end of the Civil War.
A recovering drug addict trying to become a caterer, actor, or writer, who eventually marries her sister's ex-husband.
A male photographer who assists a reporter in revolution-torn Indonesia.
The girfriend of an inexperienced lawyer who is very concerned with her biological clock.
A meek Southern woman who allows her troubled sister to stay with her and her loutish husband.
The wife and former student of a brilliant math professor who helps her husband cope with his mental illness.
A young woman who marries into a typical English family during the Battle of Britain, and eventually serves as a cruel example of the harsh realities of war.
A dentist's ditzy girlfriend who wrongly believes the dentist is married.
An alcoholic, overly dramatic actress who is having an affair with a fledgling author in whose new play she is appearing.
A young woman who is determined to see her dockworker brother's killers brought to justice.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A preacher's daughter who does not approve of the gang of thieves run by her brother-in-law.
A radical anarchist who inspires an American journalist to attempt to spread Communism to the United States.
A French nurse who cares for a badly burned Hungarian in an abandoned house towards the end of World War I
A woman who is emotionally scarred by the deaths of her husband and child, and later marries her compassionate childhood friend.
The supportive mother of an Irish man whose son refuses to be limited by his physical handicaps.
The bigoted and abusive mother of a blind girl whose daughter falls in love with a kind black man.
A young blind, deaf, and dumb girl who is taught by an inspiring teacher.
A charismatic mental patient who befriends a girl who has been sent to the institution by her parents.
A prostitute who tries to disgrace her former lover, who is now finding acclaim as an evangelist.
The viciously abusive mother of an overweight multiple rape victim.
A bumbling politician's wife who is having an affair with her hairdresser.
The alcoholic, nymphomaniac daughter of an oil tycoon who unsuccessfully tries to seduce her brother's best friend.
An outspoken maid who aids a young journalist in her story on racial inequalities for domestic servants.
A frustrated wife who leaves her workaholic husband and son, and then later tries to regain custody of the boy.
A beautiful activist and wife of a diplomat who goes missing on a trip to Africa.
A fashion editor who befriends a reporter who is posing as a Jew to write an article on Anti-Semitism.
The daughter of a Mafia boss who is trying to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, one of her father's hitmen.
An anti-Nazi resistance fighter who elists her childhood friend, a famous playwright, to smuggle money to help her cause.
A French innkeeper who has a relationship with a boisturous Greek peasant.
The quiet mother of a Brooklyn accountant who discovers her husband's infidelities.
The matriarch of an extremely poor Oklahoma family travelling to California looking for work as fruit pickers.
A dastardly old woman who schemes to make her neighbor the mother of the child of Satan.
A prostitute and celebrity look-a-like who gets involved with a Hollywood murder investigation.
A general counsel who resorts to many crimes, even murder, to protect her agricultural client.
An innkeeper whose husband rekindles a relationship with a famous actress.
A Swedish missionary travelling on a famous train where a crime has taken place.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A stuffy woman who is intensely embarrassed by her brother and his imaginary friend.
An unrepentant nightclub singer who is awaiting trial for killing her husband and her sister.
An overbearing woman who dotes on one crack-addicted son and ruins the boxing career of another.
A daffy stowaway on a disaster-ridden airplane.
A woman who has to deal with her son, a Cockney ne'er do well.
The overprotective mother of a young blind man who does not approve of her son's new girlfriend.
A soap opera actress who strikes up a friendship with her rather masculine new co-star.
An immoral housekeeper who schemes with her equally immoral husband to cheat a young man out of his rightful inheritance.
The girlfriend of a disgraced radio personality who runs a local video store.
The dim-witted birth mother of a child adopted by an intellectual sportswriter and his wife.
A professor's wife who convinces her husband to allow his novel to be adapted by an unscupulous movie producer, with tragic results.
An elderly English visitor to India who refuses to believe an Indian doctor attempted to rape her son's fiance.
A poor noblewoman trying to fly to America to take a job so she can regain her title and house.
A Jewish woman who, along with her family, a little girl and her family, and others, hides in an attic for years from Nazi soldiers.
A popular movie actress who engages in an affair with a famous tycoon.
A girl's mother whose daughter is obsessed with a beautiful racehorse.
The precocious daughter of a mute woman in rural Australia.
The strong-willed wife of an anti-fascist guerilla during the Spanish Civil War.
The frustrated wife of a ne'er do well whose husband claims to be the heir of Howard Hughes.
The Japanese wife of an American airman during the Korean War.
A woman in the pre-Civil War South who convinces her niece to go after the man she loves.
The long-suffering wife of an eccentic and hard-drinking painter.
A high school coach's wife who is having an affair with one of the school's students.
A no-nonsense slave who serves a spoiled Southern belle, even after she is emancipated.

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