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Can you name the Best Supporting Actors by the Descriptions of their Characters?

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DescriptionActor, Movie
A troubled teenager having difficulty dealing with the death of his brother.
A brash cattle rancher feuding with his more wealthy colleague.
A doctor who performs illegal abortions in an orphanage in Maine.
A retired astronaut who begins a relationship with his next-door neighbor.
A scheming lawyer who manipulates his cameraman brother-in-law to defraud a professional athlete.
The alcoholic sidekick of a powerful gangster.
A veteran Irish police officer that aids a treasury officer bring down one of the country's most famous gangsters.
A grizzled cattle rancher leading a group of tourists on a cattle drive.
A newspaper editor who inspires his reporters to uncover a conspiracy involving the President.
An insane criminal who uses his twisted sense of humor and clown makeup to terrorize Gotham City.
The brother of a Mexican peasant revolutionary.
A seemingly crippled criminal being interrogated about a ship robbery.
A master of ceremonies at a decadent nightclub in Germany during the rise of the Nazis.
A soldier returning from World War II without his hands.
A famous mystery writer in a relationship with a famous playwright.
A veteran CIA agent on assignment in the Middle East who uncovers a conspiracy.
An elderly man who comes out of the closet when he's diagnosed with terminal cancer.
An Italian immigrant who establishes one of the biggest crime empires in America at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.
A mute resident of a coastal Irish town in 1916.
A moral rancher who clashes with his immoral son.
A cynical soldier in an all-black regiment during the Civil War.
A grown-up victim of child molestation accused of the murder of his childhood friend's daughter.
An Arabian sheik who loves horses and helps a Jewish prince exact his revenge.
An insincere publicist who helps turn a nightclub dancer into a movie star.
The husband of an elderly woman with Alzheimer's Disease.
An aging Hollywood actor working with the world's worst director.
DescriptionActor, Movie
An elderly Irish priest in a failing New York parish.
A cocky wide reciever who is the only client of a recently-moral agent.
A harsh drill instructor in the Navy's Aviator Officer Candidate School.
An airman who marries a Japanese woman, despite Air Force warnings not to.
A Pennsylvania steel worker who remains in Vietnam after his stint in the war is over.
A Mexican police officer combatting the drug trade in his country.
A mild-mannered friend of a Louisiana brute who courts the brute's sister-in-law.
A talent agent who has to deal with his eccentric brother's custody battle.
A promoter of gladiator games whose slave leads a revolt against the Roman government.
A cold, calculating killer on the trail of a suitcase full of money with a deadly airgun.
A brash soldier at Pearl Harbor who befriends a bugler and clashes with an overweight commander of a military prison.
A ruthless lawman in a Western town trying to prevent a group of prostitutes from exacting revenge.
A hulking prisoner on a Southern chain gang.
A former boxer and crack addict whose behavior hurts the career of his up-and-coming brother.
A French painter whose flamboyant lifestyle clashes with that of his somber Dutch contemporary.
An aging prospector looking for gold with two younger men.
The perfectly proper valet to an alcoholic millionaire.
A widowed therapist treating a brilliant Harvard janitor.
A charismatic, cunning Jew-hunting Nazi officer.
A New Yorker who engages in an affair with his wife's sister.
The political boss of a Southern town who is wildly protective of his daughter.
A manipulative theatre critic who blackmails an equally manipulative actress.
A dry, difficult professor at Harvard Law School.
A neurotic ensign on an unimportant warship during World War II.
A retired boxer who helps his friend train a female fighter.
The bigoted father of a soldier returning from World War II.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A hot-headed mobster whose temper prevents him from moving up the Mafia ladder.
A horse raiser whose niece falls in love with the relative of his rival.
A dim-witted American thief involved in a London jewel heist.
A dim-witted English conman involved in a Turkish artifact heist.
A department store Santa Claus who may be the real thing.
A dedicated United States Marshal on the trail of a man wrongly convicted of killing his wife.
The leader of a Puerto Rican street gang in New York City.
A bartender and self-appointed judge who is obsessed with a famous stage actress.
A drug-addicted grandfather on a road trip with his family.
A reporter in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge reign.
The wise owner of several businesses in a small West Texas town.
An abusive, alcoholic father of a New Hampshire policeman.
A Major at an American airbase in Great Britain during World War II.
A dying wealthy man who is charmed by a simple gardener.
An alcoholic doctor among an eclectic group of Western travellers.
An aging comedian forced to team with his former partner, who he can't stand.
A middle-aged man sharing an apartment with two single young people due to the Washington housing shortage who plays matchmaker for his roommates.
An alcoholic father in a New York borough at the turn of the century.
A resident of a retirement community who, along with his friends, finds the community's swimming pool has rejuvenating powers.
A Jewish French officer who is wrongly convicted of spying for Germany.
An expert on orchids who begins a romantic relationship with an author writing a book about him.
The announcer at a Great Depression dance marathon.
A mild-mannered lumberjack whose daughter is courted by his ruthless friend and the friend's son.
The patriarch of a large family in a Welsh mining town.

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