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QUIZ: Can you name the Best Actor Oscar Winners by Their Roles?

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Forced Order
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RoleActorFilm (Year)
Will Kane
David Helfgott
King Henry VIII
Harry Stoner
Mac Sledge
Henry Higgins
Al Stephenson
Truman Capote
August Schilling
Lester Burnham
Charly Gordon
Cyrano de Bergerac
Louis Pasteur
Randle Patrick McMurphy
Raymond Babbitt
Don Birnam
Elliot Garfield
Daniel Plainview
George M. Cohan
Antonio Salieri
King Mongkut
Charlie Allnut
Hannibal Lecter
Benjamin Disraeli
Jake LaMotta
Vito Corleone
Charles Chipping
King George VI
Abraham Lincoln
RoleActorFilm (Year)
Christy Brown
Atticus Finch
Andrew Beckett
Alvin York
Marty Piletti
Ray Charles
Bill Gillespie
General Dolgorucki/ Grand Duke Sergius Alexander
Claus von Bulow
Willie Stark
Kid Shelleen/ Tim Strawn
Gordon Gekko
Luke Martin
Manuel Fidello
Melvin Udall
General George S. Patton
Hans Rolfe
Bad Blake
Jimmy Markum
Peter Warne
Father Chuck O'Malley
The Cisco Kid
Judah Ben-Hur
Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade
George Valentin
Howard Beale
Colonel Nicholson
Harry Coombes
RoleActorFilm (Year)
Stephen Ashe
Fast Eddie Felson
Homer Smith
Alonzo Harris
Maximus Decimus Meridius
J.J. Sefton
Macaulay 'Mike' Connor
Guido Orefice
Ted Kramer
Andy 'Champ' Purcell
Luis Molina
Harvey Milk
Major Angus Pollock
Reuben J. 'Rooster' Cogburn
Anthony John
Forrest Gump
Idi Amin
Kurt Muller
Norman Thayer Jr.
Father Edward Flanagan
Gypo Nolan
Mohandas K. Gandhi
Elmer Gantry
Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle
Wladyslaw Szpilman
Ben Sanderson
Dr. Henry Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde
Sir Thomas More
Terry Malloy

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