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DescriptionActor, Movie
A German lawyer who defends several judges from charges of crimes against humanity in the years following World War II.
A homosexual lawyer who sues his firm because he believes he was fired because he has AIDS.
A Milwaukee bank clerk who loses a sum of money to an alluring woman.
The anchor of a news show who, after being fired, goes on a fierce rant on-air and becomes a national phenomenon.
A stuttering prince who is thrust to the throne and forced to fix his stutter so he can speak to the people.
An anti-social American POW who arouses suspicion from his fellow prisoners.
The successful, but eccentric American general during World War II.
A vicious dictator of an African country who first charms, then opposes, a young European doctor.
A banker who has trouble returning from his job when he comes home from World War II.
A Jewish prince who is betrayed and sold into slavery by his Roman friend.
An aging pool shark who accompanies a cocky youngster and the youngster's girlfriend on a trip to a major billiards tournament.
An alcoholic lawyer who disapproves of his daughter's relationship with his gangster client.
A brilliant psychiatrist, serving time as a muderous cannibal, who assists a young FBI agent catch another serial killer.
A mentally challenged man who is the subject of an experiment in reversing his handicap.
The rotund King of England who goes through several wives in his search for a male heir.
An aging Mafia boss who deals with a murder attempt and the ascents of his three very different sons.
A blind musician who finds fame, and deals with drug abuse and infidelity
The stubborn monarch of an Asian country who clashes with the European woman he has hired to tutor his many children.
An elderly, grumpy professor who is spending another summer at the vacation house he has owned for years.
A criminal who pretends to be insane so he'll be admitted to a mental hospital, and later inspires his fellow inmates by clashing with the hated head nurse.
An Irish man who refuses to allow his many physical handicaps from preventing him from finding success.
A young doctor whose experiments in duality result in horrific consequences.
An alcoholic, washed-up country singer who finds salvation with a younger gas station owner and her son.
An alcoholic, washed up country singer who finds salvation with a younger reporter and her son.
The British Prime Minister who is determined to purchase the Suez Canal and weed out spies in his country.
A paralyzed Vietnam veteran who has an affair with the wife of a man still in the war.
An drifter who helps a group of German nuns build a chapel.
A former boxer, working as an enforcer for the local mobster, who chooses to inform on his employers.
A former Roman general who is sold into slavery and forced to compete as he tries to exact his revenge on the Emperor.
DescriptionActor, Movie
A long nosed soldier who is particularly adept at hurling insults.
The owner of a dress factory who provides customers with prostitutes and plans to burn down his factory to collect the insurance.
An alcoholic writer who relapses when the people in his life go away for a few days.
A misanthropic author who establishes unlikely relationships with a waitress and his homosexual neighbor.
A greedy investor who corrupts the young broker who illeglly turns him on to a stock.
A reporter covering a society wedding who falls in love with the head-strong bride.
An alcoholic writer who meets his soul mate in a prositute after resolving to drink himself to death in the City of Sin.
A drunken former sharpshooter and the sharpshooter's nefarious brother.
A successful song and dance man who entertains the nation with his patriotic songs at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.
A cold wealthy European man who, after being convicted of attempting to murder his wife, hires a famous lawyer to handle his appeal.
An Indian lawyer who becomes one of the most famous advocates for peaceful change in the history of the world.
The stoic outgoing sheriff of a small Western town who is surprised to find no one will help him defend the town from a returning outlaw.
An actor who has trouble discerning reality from fantasy when he appears in a production of Othello.
A homosexual prisoner who forms an unlikely bond with his leftist cellmate.
An activist who becomes the first openly gay man elected to public office in the United States.
A confident actor who shares an apartment with a recently jilted dancer and her daughter.
A Portuguese fisherman who befriends a spoiled child that his crew encounters at sea.
An elderly man who travels across the country to visit his children with his beloved cat.
A mentally challenged man who finds himself involved in many of the significant events of the Twentieth Century.
A flamboyant author who befriends the subjects of his latest book, an account of a grisly mass murder.
A reporter who accompanies a spoiled heiress as she is trying to get away from her father and to her new husband.
A key advisor to the King of England who refuses to go along when the king's decision betrays his religious convictions.
A silent film actor whose career suffers when he rejects the transition to sound.
A talented musician who is constantly on the run from the horrors of the Nazi Party.
An alcoholic boxer who reluctantly gives up custody of his son to his wealthy ex-wife.
A conman who achieves fame and fortune as an evangelist.
A blind colonel who takes a naive prep student on a whirlwind trip to New York City.
A young, enthusiastic priest who comes to revitalize a failing New York parish.
The alcoholic boat captain who accompanies a missionary's sister down a dangerous river.
DescriptionActor, Movie
The Court Composer of Austria who is driven mad by his jealousy of a brash, more talented contemporary.
An introverted teacher who is brought out of his shell by the woman he loves and the scores of students he encounters over several decades.
A frustrated suburban husband and father who dramatically changes his life when he finds himself attracted to his daughter's friend.
A workaholic father who suddenly becomes a single parent when his wife abruptly leaves him and their young son.
A simple pacifist who is reluctantly drawn into the military during World War I and becomes a hero.
A conceited language therapist who trains a Cockney waif.
A reformed criminal who will stop at nothing to see his daughter's murderer put to justice.
A socially awkward butcher who falls for a meek teacher, despite the objections of his friends and family.
A racist police officer who sees the error of his ways when he teams with an African-American detective to solve a murder.
A scientist who discovers that germs cause many of the problems that occur during surgery.
A no-nonsense policeman who will stop at nothing to bring a European drug dealer to justice.
An indecisive Danish prince who has trouble exacting revenge against his uncle.
A brilliant pianist who must deal with his abusive father and his own mental disorders.
A Mexican bandit who successfully eludes authorities in the Old West.
A disgraced former soldier who strikes up a relationship with a spinster at a hotel with diverse guests.
A ruthless oil tycoon at the turn of the twentieth century who either kills or alienates everyone close to him.
A kind and wise lawyer in the South who defends a black man on a charge of rape and provides his children with many life lessons.
An increasingly corrupt politician who comes to power in a Southern state.
A famous anti-Nazi fighter who escapes to his wife's American home, but finds the fight has travelled with him.
An abusive boxer who ruins all of the relationships in his life through his jealousy.
A kind priest who establishes a community for orphan boys to live and coexist peacefully.
An Italian Jew during World War II who tries to convince his young son is an elaborate game that they have to win.
A proper British officer who is determined to see his men successfully complete the work assigned to them in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.
A former Russian general who is now working as an extra in Hollywood.
A one-eyed United States Marshal who helps a teenage girl find the man who killed her father.
A corrupt police officer who gives a new member of his squad a crash course in how his world works.
A poor Irishman who collects a reward for turning in one of his friends to the police.
An autistic man who travels across the country with his scheming younger brother.

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