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1928Charles Rosher; Karl Struss
1929Clyde de Vinna
1930Joseph T. Rucker; Willard Van der
1931Floyd Crosby
1932Lee Garmes
1933Charles Lang
1934Victor Milner
1935Hal Mohr
1936Tony Gaudio
1937Karl Freund
1938Joseph Ruttenberg
1939- ColorErnest Haller; Ray Rennahan
1939- Black and WhiteGregg Toland
1940- ColorGeorges Perinal
1940- Black and WhiteGeorge Barnes
1941- ColorErnest Palmer; Ray Rennahan
1941- Black and WhiteArthur C. Miller
1942- ColorLeon Shamroy
1942- Black and WhiteJoseph Ruttenberg
1943- ColorHal Mohr; W. Howard Greene
1943- Black and WhiteArthur C. Miller
1944- ColorLeon Shamroy
1944- Black and WhiteJoseph LaShelle
1945- ColorLeon Shamroy
1945- Black and WhiteHarry Stradling Jr.
1946- ColorCharles Rosher; Leonard Smith; Arthur E. Arling
1946- Black and WhiteArthur C. Miller
1947- ColorJack Cardiff
1947- Black and WhiteGuy Green
1948- ColorJoseph A. Valentine; William V. Skall; Winton C. Hoch
1948- Black and WhiteWilliam H. Daniels
1949- ColorWinton C. Hoch
1949- Black and WhitePaul Vogel
1950- ColorRobert Surtees
1950- Black and WhiteRobert Krasker
1951- ColorAlfred Gilks; John Alton
1951- Black and WhiteWilliam C. Mellor
1952- ColorWinton C. Hoch; Archie Stout
1952- Black and WhiteRobert Surtees
1953- ColorLoyal Griggs
1953- Black and WhiteBurnett Guffey
1954- ColorMilton R. Krasner
1954- Black and WhiteBoris Kaufman
1955- ColorRobert Burks
1955- Black and WhiteJames Wong Howe
1956- ColorLionel Linden
1956- Black and WhiteJoseph Ruttenberg
1957Jack Hildyard
1958- ColorJoseph Ruttenberg
1958- Black and WhiteSam Leavitt
1959- ColorRobert Surtees
1959- Black and WhiteWilliam C. Mellor
1960- ColorRussell Metty
1960- Black and WhiteFreddie Francis
1961- ColorDaniel L. Fapp
1961- Black and WhiteEugen Schufftan
1962- ColorFreddie Young
1962- Black and WhiteJean Bourgoin; Walter Wottitz
1963- ColorLeon Shamroy
1963- Black and WhiteJames Wong Howe
1964- ColorHarry Stradling Sr.
1964- Black and WhiteWalter Lassally
1965- ColorFreddie Young
1965- Black and WhiteErnest Laszlo
1966- ColorTed Moore
1966- Black and WhiteHaskell Wexler
1967Burnett Guffey
1968Pasqualino De Santis
1969Conrad L. Hall
1970Freddie Young
1971Oswald Morris
1972Geoffrey Unsworth
1973Sven Nykvist
1974Fred J. Koenekamp; Joseph F. Biroc
1975John Alcott
1976Haskell Wexler
1977Vilmos Zsigmond
1978Nestor Almendros
1979Vittorio Storaro
1980Geoffrey Unsworth; Ghslain Cloquet
1981Vittorio Storaro
1982Billy Williams; Ronnie Taylor
1983Sven Nykvist
1984Chris Menges
1985David Watkin
1986Chris Menges
1987Vittorio Storaro
1988Peter Biziou
1989Freddie Francis
1990Dean Semler
1991Robert Richardson
1992Philippe Rousselot
1993Janusz Kaminski
1994John Toll
1995John Toll
1996John Seale
1997Russell Carpenter
1998Janusz Kaminski
1999Conrad L. Hall
2000Peter Pau
2001Andrew Lesnie
2002Conrad L. Hall
2003Russell Boyd
2004Robert Richardson
2005Dion Beebe
2006Guillermo Navarro
2007Robert Elswit
2008Anthony Dod Mantle
2009Mauro Fiore
2010Wally Pfister
2011Robert Richardson

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