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QUIZ: Can you name the X-Men Characters??

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Named James Howlett
The original X-Man
Named Jean Grey
Has been played by Patrick Stewart
An original X-man and a doctor
A master thief
A character who sees her power as a curse
Originally written as a sidekick for #1
An omega level mutant, first name Robert
Much younger in the movies
The original enemy of the X-Men
Named Victor Creed
Named Mortimer Toynbee
Travels to another dimension at great speed
The mother of #14
A brother of the original X-man
Named Nathaniel Essex
A member of the morlochs
A russian X-man
The first X-man seen to use a gun
Also known as the White Queen
The man behind Weapon X
The first head of the sentinels
A combination of Nimrod and another character
Not a mutant, but often mistaken for one
Named Frederick J Dukes
Trained by Wolverine
Can cut anything but adamantium
A time travelling X-man
The son of the first X-Man
Named Pietro Maximoff
A daughter of #11
Russia's answer to weapon x
Lost his leg and hand in Vietnam
Named Jason Wyngarde
The oldest mutant on earth
Stole the original X-mens powers
Has suspected for years that #11 is her father
Named John Proudstar
An Irish X-Man with a sonic attack
Invincible while flying
Named Alison Blaire
An important politician
An X-man capable of shedding skin
Named Danielle Moonstar
One of the first openly gay characters in comic books
A magic user with wings
Originally an associate of Captain Britain
Played by Halle Berry in the movies. Badly
Sometimes known as the second thunderbird
The first X-man to die
Can generate super-heated plasma. Not a team player
An enemy of Mojo, can alter probability
Has the ability to digest almost anything
Named after a character in Shakespeare's Tempest
AKA Binary and Warbird
Named Paul Hark
Hollywood changed his image to that of Baraka
Multiple personalities, each with their own ability
Took on all members of the X-men in Wolverine and the X-men
Has similar abilities to those of Sandman
His name was changed for X-men evolution
Powered by solar energy
Named Telford Porter
A cyborg who hates #1
A teleporter stole her arms on Wolverine and the X-men
A parody of TV executives
Head of the 'friends of humans'
Creator of the sentinel
A female who has the ability to grant luck

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