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Most points in NHL history
Most goals scored by one team in an NHL game (Number)
How many Stanley Cups do the Canadiens have (Number)
Who scored both 2OT goals for the Rangers Vs. Devils in 1994 Playoffs
What goalie has the most points an an NHL season(14)
Highest amount of saves for a goalie in a playoff game (Number)
Most losses by a goalie in one season (Number)
What Goalie has played the most minutes in one season
Most consecutive 30-or-more win seasons to start a career
Who was the first NHL goalie to wear a mask
Most rushing attempts of all time
Most rushing attempts in one season
Most sacks in one season
Most consecutive seasons with 10 or more sacks
Most Interceptions of all time
Highest passer rating in one season
Most pass attempts of all time
What NFL team has the most seasons leading the league in INTS
Who has the Most Superbowls of All Time
Most receptions by a rookie WR
Most assists in one game
Most offensive rebounds in one half
Highest amount of blocks in one game (Number)
Who has the most assists in a season for a rookie
Most steals in a game
Most field goals in a game
Most 3pt fg in one game
Most points in an NBA game
Tallest player in NBA history
Most consecutive strikeouts in one game (Number)
Most hits in one season
Most triples in one season
Most SB in a season
Most HR by a team in one game
Last player to get 40 Hr and 40 SB in a season
How Many Teams are in the MLB (Number)
Third most hits in MLB history

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