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Can you name the Forbes' Most Powerful Women of 2011?

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German Chancellor
US Secretary of State
Brazilian President
Chairwoman and CEO of PepsiCo
CEO of Facebook
Co-chair of charitable foundation
Chairperson of the UPA
First lady of the US
Managing Director of the IMF
Chairwoman and CEO of Kraft Foods
Managing Editor of the New York Times
Health and Human Services Secretary
Talk show host
Homeland Security Secretary
Senior VP of Google
Argentinian President
Chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting Pty
Chairwoman of HTC
Commissioner of the FDA
Republican Presidential candidate
Australian Prime Minister
Chairwoman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission
Co-chair of Disney Media Networks, President of Disney/ABC Television Group
Myanmar democracy leader
Chairwoman and CEO of Xerox
Co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment
Executive Director of the World Food Programme
Co-founder of the Huffington Post
CEO of Westpac Banking Corp
Chinese businesswoman
Former Alaskan governor
CEO of Anglo American
President and CEO of CARE USA
President and CEO of Yahoo! Inc
Chairwoman and CEO of DuPont
Co-founder of Forever 21
President of Oracle
CEO of WellPoint Inc
VP of Google
CEO and Managing Director of ICICI Bank
Anchor of ABC News' This Week
Chairwoman and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland Company
Chairwoman, CEO and President of Sunoco
Anchor of ABC World News
Co-founder and co-CEO of SOHO China
English monarch
Administrator of the UN Development programme
Controller of BBC Radio 4
House of Representatives Minority Leader
Jordan monarch
President of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment
Talk show host
Head of International Strategy at Twitter
Israeli-American businesswoman
CEO of Burberry
Thai Prime Minister
Brazilian suoermodel
Liberian President
CEO of Olayan Financing
Chairwoman and CEO of Avon
Managing Director of the World Bank
Host of Dateline NBC and co-host of Today
President of Bank of America's Global Wealth and Management unit
Director General of WHO
Editor-in-chief of American Vogue
President of Fidelity Investments
President of the Rockefeller Foundation
CEO of Tamasek Holdings
CEO of TJX Companies
CEO of JPMorgan Private Bank
Host of Fox's On The Record
Senior VP of General Motors
CEO of Banesto
President of Sabanci Holding
Fashion designer
CEO of Campbell Soup
Ex-editor of Vanity Fair, journalist and author
Senior VP and Group Executive of IBM Sales, Marketing and Strategy
President of Harvard University
Vice chair of Johnson & Johnson
Heiress to the Wal-Mart fortune, richest woman in the world
Costa Rican President
Managing Director of the World Bank
President of HBO Entertainment
CEO of HSN Inc
CFO of Morgan Stanley
Fashion designer
Executive VP and COO of McDonalds
CEO of Pearson PLC
President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
President and COO of KeyCorp
CEO of ArcelorMittal
Head of AXA Private Equity Group
Chairwoman and managing director of Biocon
Global vice chairwoman of Ernst & Young

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