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Forced Order
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On January 14 the Green Bay Packers beat this team to win Super Bowl II
On January 23 this ship is captured by North Korea
On January 31 this offensive is launched by North Vietnam
On February 8 this former governor announces his candidacy for president on the American Independent Party ticket
On March 16 US soldiers massacre over 500 civilians in this village
On April 2 this Stanley Kubrick science fiction film premiers
On April 4 this man is assassinated at a motel in Memphis by James Earl Ray
On April 27 this vice president enters the presidential race
On May 14 the Beatles found this record label
On June 5 this presidential candidate is shot in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan
On June 14 this famed pediatrician is convicted of trying to convince young men resist conscription into the military
On July 11 this band releases the album Waiting for the Sun
On July 13 this disease is declared pandemic
On August 5 this Governor of California declares his candidacy but loses the nomination three days later
On August 20 the Soviet Union invades Czechoslovakia in response to this wave of liberalization
On August 26 protesters shout this as they are beat outside the DNC in Chicago
On September 30 Boeing rolls out this new plane
On October 20 Aristotle Onassis marries this famous widow
On October 25 this artist releases their album Electric Ladyland
On November 5 this man is elected president
On November 8 this film is released starring the Monkees
On November 28 this man wins the Heisman Trophey
On December 3 this musician host '68 Comeback Special on NBC
On December 22 Julie Nixon marries this man, a presidents grandson
On December 24 this spacecraft becomes the first to orbit the moon
On December 26 this LSD proponent is arrested for drug possession
Bonus: What was the name of the Yippie Party's 1968 presidential candidate?

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