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Can you name the Yogscast Characters from Shadow Of Israphel?

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Dwarf of Khaz Modan Dwarf
Commander William T. Riker
Knight from Mistral City
Leader of the Cult of Israphel
Minion Zombie
Minion Creeper
Blacksmith of Terrorvale
Priest of Terrorvale
Priest of the Church of the Holy Apple
Old Wizard of Mistral City
Mistral City Baker
Reformed Creeper of Mistral City
Skylord of Mistral City
Skylord of Mistral City
Druid of Minecraftia
Fortune Teller
Owner of the Carniale Del Banjo
Large Muscular Man
Son of Verigan
First Mate of Isabel
Uncle of KP and Isabel
Legendary Warrior
Head Pirate in BBQ Bay
Scottish Pirate and Residant of BBQ Bay
Sailor and Residant of BBQ Bay
(Former) Residant of BBQ Bay
Sister of Knight Peculier
Tribal Man
Last living Skylord on Skyhold
Grandfather of Skylord Lysander
Spacker LeChuck's nephew
Guard Captain of Stoneholm
Dwarf strongly resembling Daisy Duke
King of Stoneholm
French Shiplord
Evil Clones of H******
One of the four Scribes
Professor; Part of Verigan's group of Grizwold
Templar; Member of (aboves) search party of four
Templar; Member of (aboves) search party of four
Grandson of Professor Grizwald
Old Lady in Mistral City
Sells Kittens in Mistral City
Skylord Resident of Skyhold
Skylord Resident of Skyhold
Skylord Resident of Skyhold
Unseen: Skylord Resident of Skyhold
Father of Daisy
Lives in a hobbit hole of Terrorvale

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