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The main character
The proficized child 
The person that the main charcter has a crush on
Name means Cherry Blossum 
Main character's rival
Seeks destruction of Konoha 
Main character's team leader
Son of the White Fang 
Sasuke's older brother
Wants to make his younger brother stronger 
Kakashi's old teamate
Loved Rin 
Kakashi's kunoichi teamate
Had a crush on Kakashi 
The greatest Uchiha to live
Known to be Tobi 
The strongest member of the akatsuki
The true leader of the Akatsuki 
Younger brother of Madara
Younger brother to Madara 
Bestfriend to Itachi
Was one gifted to have mangekyou 
Leader of the Uchiha police force
Father to Sasuke and Itachi 
Sasuke's mother
Mother to Itachi 
4th Hokage and also known as 'Yellow Flash of Konoha
Father to Naruto 
Naruto's mother
Bestfriend of Jiraiya 
____ of the West Gate (Sound Four)
Twin borthers of Sound Four 
____ of the North Gate (Sound Four)
Gen-jutsu user of the Sound Four 
____ of the East Gate (Sound Four)
Small brain Sound Four member 
____ of the South Gate (Sound Four)
Spider of the Sound Four 
Sole surviver of the Kaguya clan
Stronger than the Sound Four 
Curse mark user of Team Taka
Clone of Kimimaro 
Chakra Seeker of Team Taka
Loves Sasuke 
Had an Affliction of collecting the Seven Swordsmen's swords
Teamte to Sasuke 
The Akatsuki 'Master of Puppets'
Grandson of Chiyo 
Akatsuki 'Master of Rinnegan'
Uses the Rinnegan and can make six copies of himself 
Akatsuki 'Master of Paper'
One of Nagato's old friends 
Akatsuki 'Beast with No Tails'
Bestfriend to Itachi 
'Oldest Member of Akatsuki'
Is made of nothing but stitches 
'Immortal Akatsuki Member'
Owns a scythe 
'Venus Fly Trap of the Akatsuki'
Can make many clones of himself 
'The Youngest Member of Akatsuki'
Kamikazi member of the Akatsuki 
The lazy ninja
Smartest person in Konoha 
The mind switcher
Rival of Sakura 
The One who eats the most
Cares about his bestfriend Shikamaru 
The Jonin smoker
Dies to Hidan 
Pampered offspring of the Hyuga clan
Rival with Neji 
The dog lover
Owns Akamaru 
Bug lover
Teamate to Kiba and Hinata 
Jonin Gen-jutsu user
Only female Jonin teacher 
Eight Tailed Ox
Is part Octopus 
Nine Tailed Fox
Straongest of the nine beasts 
One Tailed Possum
Made of nothing but sand 
Leader of the Sand siblings
One of the greatest Jonin teachers in the Sand 
The Sand master
Youngest to of the Sand Siblings 
The fan user of the Sand
Middle child in the Sand Siblings 
The Puppet user of the Sand
Eldest of the Sand Siblings 
The gambler
Eldest member of the Sanins 
The Pervy Sage
The Joker of the Sanins 
Tsunade's right hand medical ninja
Youngest Jonin on the Ambu Black Ops 
The pig
Only pig in Konoha 
Protege of the Hyuga clan
Youngest Jonin in Konoha 
Range weapon master
Likes Neji and Lee 
Bushy Brows
Can only use Tai-jutsu 
Bushy Brow's Idle
Has mastered the inner gates 
The Transvestite
Apprentice to Zabuza 
Person with a giant Butcher knife
The Demon of the Mist 
Grandson of the Third Hokage
Wants to be Hokage but sees that Naruto will be in that position first 
Pervy Jonin
Konohamaru's Squad's leader 
Nerdy member of the Konohamaru Squad
Smart member of Konohamaru's Squad 
Kunoichi member of the Konohamau Squad
Youngest of the three in Konohamaru's Squad 
The First Chunin exam promoter
Not afraid of gettin hurt 
The blood lover
Seeks revenge against Orochimaru 
The Great Toad
Has a samurai sword 
Son to the Great Toad
1/100 of Gamabunto's heighth and never fights 
Naruto's first teacher
Loves ramen 
An evil Chunin who seeked control of the Nine-Tailed Fox
Betrays the leaf village and gets sent to prison 
The Controller to the Eight-Tailed Ox
Knows how to rap 
Nagato's old best friend
Died saving Nagato and Konan 
Ultimate puppet master
She only has 10 puppets 
Wood style user of the new Team Kakashi
Substituting for Kakashi as team leader while he's in the hospital 
The artist of the new Team Kakashi
Has a small sword 
Strongest Ninja Ever!!!!
Could control the Jubi 
Kiba's dog
Kiba's bestfriend 
The Sixth Hokage
Has sharingan on his arm 
Thrid Tsuchikage
Can control matter to form squares harder than steel 
Fourth Raikage
Can make lightning shields and is the older brother to Killer Bee 
Fifth Mizukage
Can shot acid from her mouth 
The Thrid Hokage
Has a big pole on his back 
The Second Hokage
Could use water and wind 
The First Hokage
Could use fire and wood style 
The Preliminaries to the Chunin Exam promoter
Died by Baki and had a bad cough 
Could use needles to vibrate sound
Lost to Shikamaru in a battle but lives to this day 
Had wind blowers on his hands
Shino kills him 
Had a concusion gauntlet on his arm
Died by Gaara 
Loves to make water clones in the chunin exams
Bulging eyes 
Orochimaru's side man
Can use medical nin-jutsu 
The snake of the Sanins
Likes snakes 
Controller of the Sanbi
Fourth Mizukage 

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