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He defined the 'object correlative' in 'Hamlet in His Problems,' wrote about the 'mind of Europe' in 'Tradition and the Individual Talent', both from his collection The Sacred Wood
He mimicked the structure of Ovid for his work L'Art Poetique, and also wrote Le Lutrin.
He called 'succession in time' the 'province of the poet' in his monumental work of criticism, Laocoon.
He is probably best known for his work in analyzing interpretive communities, although he has written such works as Self-Consuming Artifacts and Is There a Book in This Class?
This critic has written works like Wallace Stevens, The Western Canon, and The Anxiety of Influence.
He chronicled the rise of Socialism in To the Finland Station and studied Symbolism in the critical work Axel's Castle
He discussed Balzac's Sarrasine in S/Z, and also wrote The Death of the Author.
He studied the rise of literary criticism in Literary Theory: an Introduction and heavily criticized Dawkins' The God Delusion.
He described 'verbal nuances' in The Seven Types of Ambiguity.
He analyzed Blake in Fearful Symmetry before discussing an 'interconnected group of suggestions' in Anatomy of Criticism.

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