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East Side Immigrant Station
West Side Immigrant Station
Protecting Natives From Immigrants
District of a Certain Type of Immigrant
'Survival Of The Fittest'
Created First Hull House
Came From Social Reform Movements
Took Pictures Of Tenemants
All About Self-Reliance And Self-Worth
Mandated Racial Segregation
Created Separate But Equal Laws
A Tax Required To Vote
A Way Of Scaring Black People Through Fear
Accommodated Inequality
Dealing With Inequality
Founded the NAACP
Founded The First Hull House
Founded by W.E.B. Dubois
Large Socioligist
Social Gospel Movement
Man/Group Who Command Votes To Keep Control
Using Authority For Personal Gain
Journalists Showing Poor Quality Of Food
Favoring Social Reform
Author Of 'The Jungle'
Improved Middle Class Life
President Who Stood For Nature
Supported By Roosevelt, Didn't Live Up To Standards
Won The Election of 1912
Political Party Formed By Roosevelt
Government Regulates Economy
Lets The People Get Someone Out Of Office
Form Of Direct Democracy
Lets The People Have A Public Vote
Voters Directly Pick Candidates
Established Direct Election of Senators
Leader Of Socialist Party
Let Government Investigate Suspected Trusts
Added To Sherman, Tried To Prevent Acts
Outlawed Sale Of Unlabeled Food And Drugs
Ensured Sanitary Production Of Meat
Created Federal Reserve System

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