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Can you name the 4-letter words that make up the rungs of this computer-themed word ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
­čĺ╗The parts of a computer that do the computing­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗The parts of a video card that do the computing­čĺ╗
What A-10s carry
Really old name for France
First king of Israel in Hebrew mythology
1978 revolution in Afghanistan
Coal-rich area in western Germany
Swedish aerospace and defence company
Large, flat piece of material
High-lift device on the leading edge of an airplane wing
­čĺ╗Where optical disks are inserted in some computers­čĺ╗
Pig feed
Sound made by an object falling into water
Anything that's on stage and isn't an actor
­čĺ╗Something that you can write data to, but only once­čĺ╗
British term for what Americans call a stroller
­čĺ╗The faster and more expensive kind of volatile memory­čĺ╗
'Hello, I am rich Nigerian prince...'
­čĺ╗Check over, typically for errors­čĺ╗
Connery, Lennon, or Penn
Transition from consuming primarily milk to primarily solid foods
The Order of the Stick bard
Really old name for southwestern Iran
Cartoony gunfire sound
A narrow, propagating stream of energy or particles
Repeatedly and violently strike a person or object
­čĺ╗Start a computer­čĺ╗
Sounds of derision
Hint4-Letter Word
­čĺ╗The part of a computer that starts the rest of the computer­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗The basic units of digital information­čĺ╗
Stupid or annoying people
­čĺ╗Informal term for billions of bytes of something­čĺ╗
Soviet/Russian fighter jets
­čĺ╗Informal term for millions of bytes of something­čĺ╗
SI prefix denoting one million of something
Sonic the Hedgehog company
Cooler term for a series
Hangs down
Landlocked Southeastern Asian country
Tiwa-speaking New Mexican pueblo
Music played at military funerals
Explosive charges used in older toy pistols
Contented baby sounds
­čĺ╗Current favoured method for producing integrated circuits­čĺ╗
Biblical book following Joel and preceding Obadiah
1971 Doctor Who serial The Claws of ____
Long part of a neuron
2,000 pounds, 2,240 pounds, or 1,000 kilogrammes (2 words)
Least serious Space Shuttle aborts
­čĺ╗Puts two and two together­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Older devices for long-term data storage­čĺ╗
The reason fighter pilots don't have to look down
What you get when you mix soap and water
­čĺ╗Newer devices for long-term data storage­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗The cause of many a motherboard replacement­čĺ╗

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