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Can you name the 3-letter words that make up the rungs of this computer-themed word ladder?

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Hint3-letter word
💻Type of high-capacity [RUNG 13] made and sold by Iomega💻
Fatal disease of cats caused by a mutated form of feline coronavirus
Minor lie
The modern version of the KGB
💻Interface used for basically everything that attaches to computers nowadays💻
Unit of currency equivalent to one of those slips of green paper with George Washington's face on the front
💻What very new computers use instead of a [RUNG 12]💻
IATA code for Argyle International Airport
💻Moderate-capacity optical disk format💻
Something that should explode but doesn't
The reason a fighter pilot doesn't have to look down to fly his plane
💻What most computers have instead of a [RUNG 7]💻
💻Prehistoric drive type using removable magnetic storage💻
The one between Hoover and Truman
💻High-capacity optical disk format that you can write to (but only once)💻
Where you go to get drunk
Small, squat container, usually made of glass or other masonry and used primarily to store food
💻Type of removable [RUNG 12] made and sold by Iomega💻
Ferocious Looney Tunes character known for eating practically anything
The underlying natural order of the universe
Resident of the Southeast Asian country between China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand
💻Open-standard magnetic tape storage technology able to store humongous amounts of data on a tape💻
Army rank just below captain
Hint3-letter word
💻How [RUNG 12]s were first able to exceed 504 mebibytes in size💻
Six-year degree for aspiring business managers
💻Earlier boot sector type for PC-compatible partitioned media💻
Important childhood vaccine wrongly claimed by some to cause autism
💻SD card predecessor💻
1200 in Roman numerals
💻How a [RUNG 12] finds and fixes bad data💻
What you use to get out of listing everything
Seventh letter in the Greek alphabet
💻Interface used for connecting internal devices to a computer's motherboard; comes in parallel and serial varieties💻
Mineral suffix
💻Term technically referring to any [RUNG 12] with an internal drive controller, but in practice often incorrectly used to denote drives using the parallel variant of [RUNG 33]
What people need in order to get on a plane or buy a drink
💻Low-capacity optical disks💻
💻How early [RUNG 12]s told computers where to put data💻
That which supposedly protects us from terrorists
That which educates the children of Detroit
💻The replacement for [RUNG 26]; that which allows partitions to be larger than 2 tebibytes💻
Physical therapists' degree
💻Technology to increase the amount of data a [RUNG 12] can store from 'ridiculous' to 'ludicrous'💻

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