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Can you name the 3- to 6-letter words that make up the rungs of this forking word ladder?

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­čĺ╗Basic unit of computer data­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Automated Internet program­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Start up a computer­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Master account on Unixlike operating systems­čĺ╗
Kanga's offspring, in multiple
New Hampshire county bordering Canada
Mildly [COLUMN 2 RUNG 5]
­čĺ╗English-like programming language originally put together in 1959­čĺ╗
_____amin (vitamin B12)
Colourful marine reef-builder
­čĺ╗WordPerfect producer since 1996­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Discrete processor units on a die­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Writes software­čĺ╗
Styles of operation
­čĺ╗Hardware devices for connecting to the Internet via ye olde dial-up­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Third-party game add-on­čĺ╗
Angry, or Alfred E. Neuman's home
­čĺ╗When a computer helps the architect­čĺ╗
Fish in the genus Gadus
Opposite of hot
­čĺ╗The thing that you trip over, pulling your computer off your desk­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Discrete processor unit on a die­čĺ╗
Tiny superficial hole
­čĺ╗Adapt software to run in a different enviroment than it was designed for­čĺ╗
ESPN's main focus
­čĺ╗2008 Maxis real-time strategy game­čĺ╗
The giant needle an architect puts on a skyscraper to make it taller
Aggravate someone just to be petty
One who aggravates others just to be petty
­čĺ╗What search engines use to find information­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Early way for [RUNG 6] to keep from running out of RAM­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Ways of running multiple operating systems simultaneously on one machine­čĺ╗
___ deferens
­čĺ╗Storage device accessed over a LAN­čĺ╗
Opposites of yes
­čĺ╗Early family of command-line operating systems­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Highly-portable AmigaOS reimplementation­čĺ╗
Not verse
Separate with difficulty
Separates with difficulty
Urgent situations
Urgent situation
­čĺ╗GPU-melting 2007 Crytek shooter­čĺ╗

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