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Can you name the famous people who share names with Atlantic hurricanes?

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Year of hurricaneNameDescription of person
1954Only daughter of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
1955First female Chair of the United States Federal Reserve (2014-present)
1957British actress and humanitarian known for her role as Princess Ann in Roman Holiday, among others
1960American singer-songwriter known for singles 'Love to Love You Baby' and 'I Feel Love', among others
1961Italian-French singer-songwriter, model, and former French First Lady (2008-2012)
1965American patriot widely thought (mistakenly) to have sewn the first American flag
1969British actress known for her role as Jackie Tyler in Doctor Who, among others
1972American actress known for her role as Endora in Bewitched, among others
1977Wife of Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi
1979Second king of Israel in Hebrew mythology
1980First civilian director of the CIA (1953-1961)
1985African-American civil rights activist and educator
1988French teenage military leader; patron saint of military personnel
1989German airship commander
1990Princess of Wales (1981-1997)
1991United States Senator for Kansas (1969-1996); 1996 Republican nominee for President of the United States
1995American actress known for her role as Sugar Kane in Some Like It Hot, among others
1996Mexican-American labour leader; cofounder of the National Farm Workers Association
1998United States Senator for Kentucky (1985-present); Majority Leader of the United States Senate (2015-present)
1999Northern Irish gangster; leader of the Shankill Butchers (1975-1982)
2000Australian country singer known for singles 'Somebody Like You' and 'Once in a Lifetime', among others
2001First female President of Chile (2006-2010, 2014-present)
200320th Roman Catholic Pope (236-250)
2003First female President of Argentina (1974-1976)
2003Founder of Pan American World Airways
2004American actor known for his role as Dr. Peter Winslow in Crossing Jordan, among others
2005American basketballer infamous for his visits to North Korea
2005Marvel Comics editor-in-chief (1941-1942, 1945-1972)
2007Austrian skydiver and BASE jumper; first person to exceed Mach 1 in unassisted free fall
2008German astronomer known for discovering a period of very low solar activity during the late Renaissance
2010Russian composer known for ballets The Firebird and The Rite of Spring, among others
2011French scientist and Nobel laureate; co-discoverer of artificial radioactivity
2013American indie pop singer-songwriter known for singles 'Maybe' and 'Girls Chase Boys', among others
2015Mexican drug lord; leader and founder of the Sinaloa Cartel (1989-present); infamous for having escaped from prison twice so far
2016American commodore known for helping to open Japan to the West

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