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Can you name the 4-letter words that make up the rungs of this Ingrid Michaelson-themed word ladder?

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Hint4-letter word
🎹'Far ____'🎹
Greek war god
Kerbal Space Program dwarf planet orbiting between Duna and Jool
Performs an action
Digits of a foot
What the highway patrol does to cars parked on the interstate
🎹'One Night ____'🎹
Cut short, like grass
Low-volume vocalisation indicating pain, sorrow, or pleasure
Give something to someone for temporary use, with the expectation that it will then be returned
An undesired opening in a container which allows fluid to enter or leave
Bony protrusion from the front of a bird's jaws, used for feeding and grooming
🎹'__ __' (2 words)🎹
Set of thin sheets, often containing information of some kind, fastened together along one edge
Expressions of derision or disapproval
🎹'Girls Chase ____'🎹
Hint4-letter word
Objects used for play
Intact male cats
A large or scholarly [RUNG 17]
🎹'____ Machine'🎹
Round, green citrus fruit
Not dead; electrified
🎹'Once Was ____'🎹
Bird often signifying peace
Negative imperative contraction
🎹'__ __ Now' (2 words)🎹
Kill (2 words)
Inflexible object of currency, typically metallic and either circular or polygonal
Something wound into a helical or spiral shape
Extremely thin, easily-crumpled sheet of metal; often made of aluminium
Not succeed
Uncontrolled decrease in altitude
Long, narrow passageway between rooms
🎹'____ No'🎹

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