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Can you name the rungs of this elemental word ladder?

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Hint4-letter word
🔬Bluish-white metal with atomic number 30🔬
A People's History of the United States author
The land of Israel
Panthera leo
Region of Spain between Galicia, Asturias, Old Castile, and Extremadura
🔬Noble gas with atomic number 10, producing a brilliant reddish-orange light when energised🔬
Not bad
🔬Soft, dense, reddish-yellow metal with atomic number 79🔬
Hint4-letter word
Combine two similar objects into one
Alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey
🔬Soft, bluish-white heavy metal with atomic number 82🔬
Skinny; low-fat
Legume seed
Outer seed hulls
Large Middle Eastern country that fought a bloody war with Iraq in the 1980s
🔬Silvery-grey metal with atomic number 26🔬

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