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Can you name the 3-letter words that make up the rungs of this computer-themed word ladder?

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Hint3-letter word
­čĺ╗Major CPU manufacturer based in Sunnyvale, California­čĺ╗
Major locomotive manufacturer
­čĺ╗That which fries components­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Family of Unix-like operating systems using a red demon as its mascot­čĺ╗
Offer or ask for a certain amount of money in the hope of getting an item or contract
­čĺ╗Copy from an optical disc­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Type of compressed archive file­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Socket that you can install components in without using a sledgehammer­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Bitmapped image format often used for animated images­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗What happens when a task tries to do something it isn't allowed to do­čĺ╗
Means of knowing precisely where you are in the middle of nowhere
­čĺ╗Thing for keeping your computers running if the power goes out­čĺ╗
Hint3-letter word
Ancient Sumerian city-states formerly on the shore of the Persian Gulf
U.S. name for the taxmen
­čĺ╗Protocol used to send text-based messages back and forth over the Internet­čĺ╗
Violent, low-intelligence humanoid popularised by the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien
­čĺ╗Wikipedia, Craigslist, or Wordpress, for instance­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗Free and open-source audio and video file format­čĺ╗
Vessel in which an animal embryo develops outside its parents' bodies
Unit of energy equal to 10-7 joules
Period of time shorter than an eon but longer than a period
Female upper-body undergarment
­čĺ╗Method of attaching integrated circuits to a circuit board using tiny balls of solder­čĺ╗
­čĺ╗The way in which most CPUs made by [RUNG 1] attach to their motherboards­čĺ╗

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