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Forced Order
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Hint Answer
Carol's Husband
Group's Mechanic
One of the suppy runners
Doctor at the CDC
Man who shot Carl
Carol's Daughter
Shot in a Bar
Owner of the RV
Group's Prisoner
Rick's Best Friend
Beth's Boyfriend
Otis' Wife
Men at the Prison Cafeteria
Rick's Wife
Merle called him a n***a
Allen's Wife
Allen's Son
Daryl's older Brother
Woodbury geek
Tyresse's friend
Saved by Michonne @ end of Season 2
Beth's 2nd Boyfriend
Prison Newcomers
Hint Answer
Lizzie and Mika's Dad
Two Prison Residents
Prison Doctor
Governor's hitman
Lily Chambler's daughter
Maggie and Beth's Dad
Head of Woodbury
Tara's sister
Ryan Samuels youngest daughter
Ryan Samuels oldest daughter
Killed in Terminus
Terminus leader
Maggie's sister
Head of the Hospital
Sasha's brother
Member of Dawn's Hospital
Head of Alexandria
Jessie's abusive husband
Alexandria Resident
Man who caused Noah's death

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