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'Just because you've got the emotional __________ ___ __ ______ doesn't mean we all have.'
'I hope you're pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed - ___ _______, ______.'
'Is that really what my hair looks like ________ ___ ______?'
'You foul loathsome ______ ______ ________!'
'Awful things happen to wizards who _________ ____ _______, Harry.'
He really is out there, isn't he? We've got to be able to defend ourselves. And if Umbridge refuses to teach us how, we need __________ _____ _____
'It's sort of exciting isn't it, _______ ___ ______
Next time there's a ball pluck up the courage to ask me before someone else does! And not ___ __ ____ _______ !

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