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Can you name the musical from the song lyrics including the word 'my'?

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Why, all at once my heart took flight
But my score with a feller is lower than a cellar
The moment I saw him smile I knew he was just my style
He slept a summer by my side
My heart is sighing. Still as long as I am here I guess a new experience could be worth trying
Don't please my folks too much
I've got my man; who could ask for anything more
I'll see my love tonight
My words are a matter of pride
Why are you telling me my new philosophy
With the best of them I can hold my head up high
Now my life is rosy since I found my Rosie
You are precisely my cup of tea
You make me smile with my heart
I simply gotta march my heart's a drummer
I hope you're happy, my friend
On the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere
Or place my fortune on a green glass love - what kind of life am I dreaming of?
Do you recall the other night when I distinctly said you might serve as my escort at the next town fair?
I kept my promise don't keep your distance
If my life was important I would ask will I live or die
Waitin' for my dearie, an' happy am I
You alone can make my song take flight
I'm gonna wave that man right outta my arms
My heart wants to sing every song it hears
You're awful; awful nice to be my girl
I'll do my best, what else can I do? Since I wasn't born perfect like Dad or you
My boy bill; I will see that he is named after me, I will
I hate parading my serenading, as I'll probably miss a bar
My heart's far, far away, home is too
Time be my friend, let me start again
My eyes are too small, I have very large feet
Figures dancing gracefully across my memory
If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree
I'd like to sup with my baby tonight
At two universities bearing my name
While combing my hair now and wondering what dress to wear now
Let's keep the party polite; never get out of my sight
My white knight, let me walk with him while the others ride by
Though I make my home in the ashes and smoke, in this whole wide world there's no happier bloke
Oh, I'd swap my gun and I'd swap my mule, though whoever took it would be one big fool
My white knight and his steed will look just like these pictures
And I would keep it as a treasure to last my whole life long
My old friend, I can't spend my whole life hidin'
Come on with the rain, I've a smile on my face

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