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Can you name the common English words that have derived their names from the Greek language.

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Musical Instrument named from the Greek words for 'Wood' and 'Sound'
Geographical device named for the Titan who carried the heavens upon his shoulders
Communication method named from the Greek words for 'Far Away' and 'Write'
Large animal named by combining the Greek words for 'Horse' and 'River
Word that describes a person with a rare condition, named after the offspring of Hermes and Aphrodite
Creature named after the Greek for 'Terrible Lizard' or more accurately 'Formidable Lizard'
An image that takes its name from the Greek for 'Light Writing'
A device with a very descriptive translation of 'Heat Measure'
A city that is often mistaken as a capital city, named after the Greek description 'In the Town'
Structure/apparatus that is named from the Greek for 'Three Feet'

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