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Can you name the country flags from the description provided, the continent of the country has been provided. (i have used the sporcle standard for the continents so no arguments please guys!)

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Red background with a white cross located in the middle, unusual for a flag as it is square in shape.Europe
Flag has of three vertical coloured sections, the left and right sections are navy blue whilst the center section is yellow, there is a black trident logo in the yellow section.North America
Flag divided into two sections diagonally from top left to bottom right, bottom left area is black with 5 white stars [the southern cross], top right section- red with yellow bird Oceania
3 horizontal sections, top and bottom are red whilst the larger center section is white and contains a green cedar tree logo.Asia
5 horizontal sections, top and bottom of which are green, located inside both of those are two thin white stripes, the center red section is the largest and has a yellow star loSouth America
A light blue background with a large yellow circle logo located just off center to the left.Oceania
a flag of 3 horizontal stripes, top one white, middle one blue and the bottom one is red.Europe
a thick red border/background surrounds a green rectangular box containing a white crescent moon.Asia
11 horizontal stripes of alternating red and white colour with a blue box located top left housing a large white star.Africa
Another classic 3 horizontal striped flag, this time consisting of red at the top white in the middle and black at the bottom.Asia

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