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Hungarian Zsa Zsa's stage surname can be found in the capital of Botswana.
This title character played by Danny Trejo can be found on the Angolan flag.
Judi Dench's Mrs Brown, shares a name with the capital of which Island nation in the Indian Ocean?
If 007 became a Spanish saint, he may share a name with the capital of which country?
What have Prince's 'Rain' and the head of the parrot on Dominica's flag got in common?
A famous 1942 Michael Curtiz film and the largest city in Morocco.
This country used to have the capital Almaty and is home to the character Borat.
Daryl Hannah mermaid character shares a name with the capital of the 'Badger State'.
This 2005 Matthew McConaughey film shares it's name with a geographical feature that spans ten North African countries
Where the Highlander's Juan Sanchez Villa Lobos Ramirez is from, and the country in which lies a 200foot tall monument to the king Menkaure.

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