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In which round does Drago kill Apollo?Rocky IV
What nationality is Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez?Highlander
According to the motto, what do Goonies never say?The Goonies
What is the call sign of Iceman's 'co-pilot'?Top Gun
What is the name of the poison that kills Vizzini?The Princess Bride
What is the name of Sir Didymus' steed?Labyrinth
Which actor played the big horned Lord of Darkness?Legend
In which film does Arnold Schwarzenegger play Ben Richards??
What is the name of the character played by Jesse Ventura?Predator
What speed, faster than light speed, does Spaceball1 travel when chasing after Lonestar?Spaceballs
Which transformer opens the autobots matrix of power?Transformers the Movie
Who won a best supporting actor oscar for their role in this film?Untouchables
How many Gigawatts are needed to power the Delorean for time travel?Back to the Future
What is the name of Jack Burtons trucksBig Trouble in Little China
How old was Ralph Macchio during filming?The Karate Kid
What is the name of the limo driver?Die Hard
Which band sang the iconic theme tune?The Breakfast Club
This film is based on a novel by which author?Blade Runner
Which hollywood action star walked away from the role of Axel Foley 2 weeks before filming began?Beverly Hills Cop
What was the name of the maid?Clue

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